Losliya Mariyanesan stunning photos in a white dress goes viral on social media

Losliya latest photos

It is learned that Losliya Mariyanesan, one of the Bigg Boss Season 3 contestants, was close with Kavin, another contestant of the season, and both had a huge fan base.

It is worth noting that Laslia had the opportunity to star in two films after the Big Boss show and that the shooting of those films is currently nearing completion, and a release date will be announced soon.

Losliya Mariyanesan, who was saddened by her father’s recent untimely death in this condition, is now recovering a little from that tragedy.

The black and white photo she recently posted on Instagram has gone viral on a massive scale, and she is currently posting a few photos of her in a white dress. It is noteworthy that this photo is being celebrated by her fans and goes viral on social media.


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