Lookism season 2 release date renewed or canceled


Lookism is a Korean adaptation of the webtoon that has the same title. The eight episodes of Lookism were all released recently and it’s a great hit among the fans. However, the final episode of the web show was a little confusing and left every Lookism fan with a lot of unanswered issues. The web show had more storylines waiting for the fans, and it seems like the makers are planning to give the show another season.

And due to all these going around, there are a lot of queries running in the minds of Lookism fans such as will makers renew the show for season 2, what is going to be the date of release for season 2 of Lookism, what should they expect from Lookism season 2 and much more! And so, we are here along with a write-up that will solve every curious query running through the minds of Lookism fans. 

Lookism Season 2: Release Date Possibilities

There is a lot more chance that the web show will be renewed for a second season even though season 2 has not yet been officially confirmed by the makers. Since season 1 ended with a very confusing ending therefore there are more chances that makers will bring the next season to clear the storyline. 

If the web show will be renewed for a second season, there are possibilities that it will be released in 2024 or maybe even at the end of 2023. Any official comments regarding the date of release for Lookism season 2 will be updated for fans.

Lookism Season 2: What to Expect? 

In Lookism, season 1, there is a character named Park Hyung Seok who is a high school student who was obese and unattractive. He is the main lead of the show Lookism. Because of his appearance, he was never famous and was continually tormented and teased by his classmates. He argues with his mother to leave the city and move somewhere else since he feels too uncomfortable going to school.

Later, they move to another city. He finds out one night a creative power that allows him to flip between two bodies,  one his original body, which was fat, ugly, and unattractive, and the other, which was tall, manly, and extremely gorgeous. From that point on, his life changes drastically. During the day, he uses his handsome body form as his primary body, and at night, he switches to his original ugly body. 

It is quite possible that makers are going to continue with the same storyline for Lookism, season 2! However, new updates for the next season of Lookism will be updated for the fans. 



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