Lock Upp Elimination: Chetan Hansraj Evicted from the show for Abusing Organizers, Karan Kundra!


MX Player and ALT Balaji’s sensational reality show, ‘Lock Upp’ featured a shocking elimination this weekend. The controversial reality show is making news for all the right and wrong reasons, thanks to the interesting mix of contestants.

Chetan Hansraj first locked horns with the jailor Karan Kundra by terming him as ‘tailor’. In one of the rules mentioned in the rule board, it is mentioned that the jailor can change the rules at his own will. Chetan abuses the jailor and goes ahead to change the word ‘jailor’ to ‘tailor’ on the board.


Apparently, Chetan Hansraj was provoking others to violate the rules of the Lock Upp game and revolt against the makers of the show as well. Chetan kept smoking in the yard area openly. He was seen passing lewd & casteist remarks against the doctor & the medical staff present for the contestants.

Chetan Hansraj abuses Karan Kundra Lock Upp Elimination


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