Little Women Season 2 Release Date : Is It Renewed Or Cancelled


The Korean series Little Women has finished and won the hearts of its fans! It is one of the best Korean shows on Netflix this year. Now, the fans are looking forward to the new season, with a lot of hope. Season 1 hooked the fans to their screens and gave them numerous reasons to wait for the next episodes and watch them. 


Each episode of season 1 appeared, every week. And the little women fans were holding off curiously for every episode. Fans were watching new twists and bends, in every episode which attached them to this show. Now, the fans have raised their expectations for the next season of Little Women. They are expecting to get an incredible storyline for season 2, too! 


Little Women was directed by the well-known director of numerous Korean shows, Kim Hee-Won. The storyline was presented by Jung Seo-Kyung. The actors cast in this season were Park Ji-Hoo, Nam Ji-Hyun, Kim Go-Eun, Wi Ha-Joon, and many more. 


Little Women Season 2 Plot: What to Expect ?


Season 1 consisted of 12 episodes, so Little Women fans can expect to watch 12 or 13 episodes for the next season too. In season 1, Do-Il and In-Ju are parted from each other and the poor hearts of their shippers were not able to handle this! It can be expected that they both come together in season 2. 


And this will surely be a surprise for the fans, from the side of the makers. Also, they swore to come upon each other the next time too. Therefore the possibilities are pretty high for them to come together again. The makers can also present a whole new story for Little Women season 2. And this will also be a wonder for Little Women’s fans. 


Little Women Season 2 Release Date


This is unfortunate for the fans but there are no official dates or even official announcements for Little Women season 2! Since season 1 has just finished, it will take time for the makers, casts, and everyone involved in the making of this incredible Korean show to come up with any decision. 


However, fans may get a gift from the makers of the Little Women’s show, season 2, next year! They can expect to watch the new season in the year 2023. Or, they can also expect to watch it at the end of next year or even at the start of the year 2024! 



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