Leila: The Struggle of a Mother in a Dystopian Regime

Leila Netflix

Think about a web series that places itself right where one can see the truth of a totalitarian state. The idea of being a mirror to the dystopian state where you don’t even have the right to think about your loved ones. Leila is the perfect example to show the strong will of finding a daughter in a choking system. The trailer for the web series was dropped in March and now it’s streaming on Netflix. On the 14th of June 6 episodes were premiered.

While the series is getting so much love on the internet, one can never forget that it is the first time a web series has gripped the concept of dystopia so coherently. The entire plot is beautifully weaved and presented. The idea of fighting for basic needs for survival like water throws insight on how misery leaps ahead of ignorance in no time. The series is based on a book written by Prayaag Akbar and with the same title as that of the series.

Spoiler Alert!

The series is based is future. In the year 2040s when the country is fragmented into communities. Life has become a joke and people are ready to kill one another without a thought. The survival game in such scenarios is very tough for people like Shalini who lives with the hope that one day she will find her daughter. In her quest to search for the missing child, Shalini endures the brutality of living under a dictator. The series ends on a mysterious note and there is a clear anticipation on social media for season 2.

Leila Netflix

The Cast of Leila

Huma Khureshi who was not seen in the movies recently is the protagonist in the web series. People adore her performances in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Jolly LLB2 and Badlapur. In one of her interviews, Huma said that this series has allowed her to perceive the conditions of a dystopian society to its heart and core. The series has Rahul Khanna, Siddharth, Vidhi Chitalia and Seema Biswas playing some of the important characters.

As mentioned earlier, the series is based on a book. The interesting part about the series is that it has been directed by three different directors namely, Shanker Raman, Deepa Mehta and Pawan Kumar. Huma revealed that the direction of three people has nuanced her character and also helped in the character development of Leila. Although the series has a fictional storyline, it can groove into your mind very easily because of brilliant actors.

The series was given 4 out of 5 stars by the Hindustan Times. The series is a revelation of how marginalised societies work and the friction that unleashes fear and pain to the people. As Shalini fights against all odds to find her daughter, there is much more to come on her journey to find Leila.


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