Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2020 Episode Written Update- Preeta saves the hall and the families.


Last Episode we saw how everyone gets united and works together to tackle the robbers. The real boss of the robber is free and wants to find the man who pretended to be the fake leader. There are different situations which are taking place inside the hall.

In today’s episode, the robber shall take Rakhi into a room. She pleads them to leave her as she wants to be with her family and children. The robber says it’s too late as her as she remained silent when their family members were tackling the situation. Preeta and Srishti follow the robbers to the corridor. Preeta tells Srishti that she knows the way to the Bridal room. The robber hears them but they both go away from there. Sameer fights with Rishabh as to why did he carry out Mehndi function in this hall. Sameer winks at him, Rishabh gets the signal and they both start arguing. Karan takes the chance and runs outside. Preeta brings Srishti to an underground way to the Bridal room. She opens the roof door. Rakhi is terrified as the carpet moves. Srishti and Preeta climb the wooden ladder and open the door. Rakhi is happy seeing both of them. They ask Rakhi to come downstairs and give her hand for help.

Karan reaches the corridor where the robbers are hiding. They hold guns towards him and take him inside the room. Preeta, Srishti, Rakhi and Karan are brought back to the hall. The robbers stop the argument between Sameer and Rishabh. Rishabh gets shocked as Preeta, Srishti and Karan get caught. Preeta blames Karan for getting caught. She says if he could have come late by some minutes, we would have escaped. Rakhi is happy to be with her family. Srishti takes their attention and goes to find the stranger who is hidden in the groom’s room. The robbers discuss and say that they shall kidnap Rakhi and Karan, once the stranger is freed, he shall kill them. Preeta objects that they cannot take Karan.

The robbers reach the Groom’s room. Prithvi is still inside the toilet. The robbers call out and Prithvi thinks who these people are. He hides his face with a towel when they finally break open the door. Prithvi tries to escape but the robbers threaten to shoot him. Prithvi pleads the robbers not to harm him. Prithvi confesses that he got attracted towards the mask and wore it. The robbers hear his story and say now he shall act as he loves to do it. Prithvi keeps on pleading to the robbers.

Sarla reaches the hall. She says that Kumkum Bhagya hall belongs to her and she should check what is going on inside. The robbers understand the love story between Preeta and Karan. Rakhi wants them to be together but Maira wants Karan in her life. One of the members comments that he too sees love between them.

Sarla hears the robber’s driver tell the other members that the van is ready. Sarla thinks that guests inside are also trapped. She hides herself. They take Karan along with them. Preeta notices juice cans, water bottles. She spills water and puts the electric cable into it. The gang gets electric shocks. Prithvi and one of the robbers come outside and hear the screams. Prithvi tell him to help them and dodges the robber. Prithvi tells Preeta to turn off the electricity but Sarla attacks from behind and he too goes with them. The episode ends as the Police reach the hall to catch the robbers.


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