Kundali Bhagya 8th January Written Episode Update- Overall Twists, Karan gets angry as Janki is slapped.


Last episode, we saw how Prithvi takes control over the robbers claiming to be their boss. The robbers find something fishy about their boss, but they aren’t that sure. We also see how Karan, Preeta and Srishti save Rishabh from the hall. They all device a plan wherein they shall negotiate with the robbers over a deal.

Prithvi orders the robbers to free Sameer. The robbers question him as to how does he know his name. Prithvi says he heard his name somewhere. Instead of asking questions, just steal the jewellery.

Srishti devices a plan and tells everyone what all should do. She tells Preeta to call the boss in the bridal room, as she is pretty and strong, so that Srishti can hit him. Preeta is worried and confused as to how will she do all this. Srishti boosts her up and if this plan doesn’t work, she shall think of another plan. The robbers are stealing the jewellery as Preeta peaks from the corner and signals the leader to come inside. Prithvi thinks that she is calling him and he should go inside. Preeta thinks Srishti’s plan is working, so she runs inside.

The robbers want the Mangalsutra as its expensive. Rakhi doesn’t give them the Mangalsutra, so he snatches it from her. Karan gets angry and starts beating the robbers, Rishabh also joins him. Fight breaks out in the middle. One goon makes Rakhi as hostage and threatens everybody that if they do anything, he shall harm her.

Preeta is tensed about the work that she has to do. She thinks as to how she can lure Prithvi into the room. Srishti is in the room with a blanket. She thinks she shall put a blanket on him and shall scare him, so that he shall accept their demands to free everyone. Preeta enters the room and says that the boss is following her. Prithvi thinks she is calling him inside, so he gets excited. Srishti is ready to put her plan into action. Srishti takes a knife in her hand to threaten him and tells him to take his mask off. Prithvi is relieved that he has wore this mask, otherwise his condition could have been worse. Srishti threatens to hit him in the stomach, Prithvi runs into the bedroom, standing on the bed. Srishti says that she shall count till three and then kill him.

Karan and Rishabh want the robber to take off the gun of Rakhi’s head. The real boss wants to know the name of the person who was acting as the boss. The others don’t know who he was. The boss then threatens to harm Rakhi as he thinks everyone loves her a lot. The robbers ask Janki who she is and ask her to stand there. Janki says she has expensive jewellery, so they can take that and leave. The leader wants to find the person who was pretending to be the leader. The boss gets a call from one of his members that they haven’t found a car to escape. The leader asks about the description of the person who was pretending. Everyone had the same answer that they don’t know. The leader gets angry and starts to beat up.

Kartika asks Janki what does she have. She has spices in her hand. They both take it and throw it on the robbers. Everyone starts to beat the robbers and leaves. Rakhi insists that she wants the Mangalsutra and she won’t leave. Rishabh and Karan try to take the Mangalsutra but the leader points a gun at them to stand wherever they are. Prithvi locks himself up in the bathroom after the three count. Preeta tries to calm down Srishti stating that she shall have a word with the robber. Preeta assures him that she shall not harm him but he has to talk to others that they should not harm other people. Srishti also apologizes to him. He doesn’t respond, so both Preeta and Srishti lock him and go to help others.

The robbers tell them to stand wherever they are. He sarcastically asks as to why they aren’t running now. He looks at Janki as to why did she take such a big risk of doing all this. She shouldn’t have come here at the first place. Janki responds by saying that she was doing her work and orders them to leave. The robber slaps her. Karan gets angry and he hits the robber. All other robbers hold him so he cannot move. The show ends with Preeta and Srishti worried about what they can do to help others.



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