Kundali Bhagya 8 March 2021 Written Update: Rishabh beats Prithvi due to this, the secret of Mahesh Luthra’s accident!

Kundali Bhagya 8 March 2021

In Kundali Bhagya, the audience is getting to see the high voltage drama. Kareena prepares for the marriage of Prithvi and Kritika to Preeta and Srishti. Prithvi speaks out against Karan to upset Preeta. After which, Preeta puts chili in her eyes.

In the coming episodes, it will be shown that Rishabh locks Prithvi in ​​a room. Rishabh asks her what role she plays in her father’s accident. Prithvi says that he did not do anything like this, and he cannot even think of doing so. Rishabh gets very angry after hearing this.

Rishabh hits him with a belt and says, my father has reacted in your name. It definitely has some meaning, and you tell me the reason behind it. Rishabh asks her why she made her father’s accident. Kritika sees both of them like this.

Rishabh tells everything to Kritika, but he does not believe her. In the last episode, you saw that Prithvi sees Preeta working in the kitchen and starts talking deafeningly by calling her life-to-life. Preeta gets angry on Prithvi. Prithvi says she had to marry Karan because of his mistake.

Preeta is unable to hear all this against Karan and puts chili in his eyes. Showing her the knife, she warns that if she tries to misbehave again, nobody will be worse than that. So far, you have seen that Rishabh, Karan, and Sameer try hard to convince Kritika that Prithvi is not a good boy. Kritika tells him that she has to marry Prithvi, and if someone stops her, she will give her life.



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