Kundali Bhagya 7th January Written Episode Update- The Robber Saga Continues, Will Karan and Rishabh save their mother?


In the last episode, we saw how Karan, Preeta and Srishti team up to save others. They get inside the hall to save others. Prithvi who firsts decide to run away, disguises himself as a robber by wearing the mask that they wore. There are also some romantic moments between Preeta and Karan.

In today’s episode, Prithvi shows some kind of enmity towards Rishabh. A robber says that he doesn’t like Rishabh’s face, saying this Rishabh hits him. Prithvi says there is no need to move so much as he will make sure that Rishabh moves around in a chair henceforth as he would have driven many big cars. Prithvi hits Rishabh which makes Sherlin angry. Prithvi doesn’t think about emotions as now he is ready to hurt Sherlin which will make the Luthra understand that she is a good Daughter in Law. Prithvi then threatens to kill Rishabh if Sherlin doesn’t apologize to him as he understands that Sherlin is Rishabh’s wife. Everybody tries to convince Sherlin to apologize. She apologizes Prithvi.

The robbers get confused as to why their boss is acting so weird instead of robbing. Prithvi while talking to others, asks robbers why they have stopped robbing. The robbers say that they have robbed all over here except the main family. Prithvi tells them that he shall loot the main family. Prithvi hits one of his team members and says he will be the one to break the rules and tells other members to continue looting. The robbers are still confused regarding why is their boss behaving weird.

The real boss comes out of the bathroom but sees that the other door is jammed. He tries to call his other gang members. Prithvi hears the real boss voice. He needs to suppress his voice otherwise they will be against him. He plays loud music and forces everyone to dance with him. The real boss shows Prithvi the phone, Prithvi cancels the call.

Karan, Srishti and Preeta enter the hall. They try to free Rishabh, one of the robber notices this. Sameer and Kartika try to divert his attention by dancing with him. He goes and check the whereabouts Rishabh. He gets angry and fires a bullet, asks Sameer where Rishabh is.

Karan and Preeta try to free Rishabh. Preeta frees Rishabh and takes them to the groom’s room. She says she closed it because she didn’t want the groom’s room to be looted, otherwise Karan shall get another point to disgrace this hall and its services. Srishti agrees to the fact and Rishabh thinks that they have decided this beforehand. They hear a knocking on the door, so they all go to check it. They see that the real mastermind is locked inside the room and the person outside is fake. Preeta devices a plan wherein they will plead to the guy outside saying to leave all of them as they don’t have anything to give them. Karan disagrees to this plan saying the fake leader has a motive and he won’t move from here.

Karan and Preeta get into a fight. Rishabh separates them apart. The real leader comes out and he shall teach his members a lesson. In the hall, the robbers ask about Rishabh, Sameer tells them that he was dancing with them. Kartika explains that the robbers haven’t planned anything well, so if anyone dances, the leader shall set them free. Prithvi considers Kartika to be smart enough to start a fight amongst the robbers.

Srishti backs Preeta’s plan. She says it’s really a clever plan. They will need to think about its execution. Srishti decides to call the leader to the bridal room and tell him to accept their demands. Preeta questions her as to how they shall battle a guy to which Srishti adamantly says she will as she is a rowdy girl.

Prithvi tells the robbers that he let go Rishabh. He hits the fellow robber when he questions him. The episode ends when Prithvi orders the robbers to let Sameer go and the robbers question him as to how did he knew his name. Maybe Prithvi got carried away in his act and might have spilled some beans.


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