Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2020 Written Update- Rishabh addresses Sherlin; Karan and Rishabh hell bent on getting Preeta released.


In the last episode, we saw Preeta again getting arrested as there a video evidence against her. Karan wants to meet her but Sarla doesn’t let him meet. He decides to help her by his way. Sherlin is hell bent on making Rishabh suffer due to his deeds.

In Today’s Episode, Rakhi asks Karan about his whereabouts as the guests want to meet him. Karan asks about Sherlin. Maira tells him that she has gone upstairs to bring Daadi’s medicine. She wonders that Karan doesn’t know the matter and what she can do about it. Maira calls Sherlin as tells her the whole situation. She meets Sherlin and Sherlin tells her that she cannot meet Karan, as he shall ask for the video. If the video goes for further investigation, their entire plan will get spoiled. Sherlin runs away and bumps into Rishabh, who asks her why is she worried. Sherlin replies that she is going to get Daadi’s medicine. Karina comes there with Daadi as Sherlin gets worried and tries to escape. Rishabh doesn’t let that happen and asks her why is she so worried.

Kartika and Sameer see Sherlin from the balcony. Kartika says that she didn’t believe Sameer when he told that Preeta was arrested and was accused of wrong charges. She is now relieved that Preeta is free. Karan comes from behind and tells that Preeta is again arrested. But they must keep it to themselves as he shall get her released. Sameer and Kartika wonder as to what he is saying but he assures them that she shall release her with all the proofs.

Daadi tells Rishabh to behave nicely with Sherlin as she is a nice girl. Rishabh wonders why Daadi is saying all this. Rakhi comes and tells them that Maira has suggested to play a game which is truth or dare. Karan comes and Rishabh advises that they play this game. Maira wonders what she can do as to Sherlin will not face Karan. She spills chutney on Sherlin’s dress and she leaves without saying anything.

Preeta is sitting in the jail. The lady constable tells her that her case is different as she saw how Karan talked to her and he shall do everything to release her. Preeta just wants to know whether he trusts her or not. She knows he is doing all this just because she helped his Daadi. Now she doesn’t need his love as she knows her mother shall do everything to get her released.

Karan gets into Sherlin’s room. He decides to talk to her face to face but he sees her phone. He tries to unlock it but fails. Sherlin comes out and he hides. Sherlin is doing touch ups in front of the mirror. Karan thinks he should have talked to her face to face is when he slips. Sherlin doubts that someone is in her bedroom. She wonders whether it is her baby who is here to surprise her. She looks for him and is about to find Karan when something falls in the hall. Sherlin goes to check and Karan runs away from her room. She wonders who might be behind all this.

Karan joins the party wondering what can be the password. He decides to take Rishabh’s help. Sameer comes and ask him as to did he find something. Karan asks him about what. Sameer explains that he dropped the vase, so that he could get out. Karan thanks him and wonders what did she mean by baby. Rishabh hears it, he and Rakhi try to pull his leg.

Karan tells Rishabh that Preeta has been arrested again. Rishabh doesn’t understand anything and gets angry. Karan explains that he feels Sherlin is manipulating Maira against Preeta. Rishabh assures him that he shall take care of everything. Maira comes and takes Karan away as she tells him that Rakhi is calling him. Rishabh tells him to go as Guests will wonder what all is happening. Rishabh goes into his room and asks Sherlin as to why did she again send Preeta to jail. Sherlin tells him that she did all this to protect their family and Maira as Preeta is against all of them. Rishabh tells her that he knows Preeta’s character and she will never ever think of doing all this. He asks Sherlin to show her the video. Sherlin doesn’t listen to him and says she doesn’t trust him as he always takes Preeta’s side. Rishabh warns her about the serious consequences that she will have to face. Sherlin threatens him that she will leave the house and Rishabh will have to come behind her as she has the video. Rishabh gets mad at her and tells her that he shall release Preeta once again without any proofs or anything. The show ends as Sherlin is speechless due to Rishabh’s behavior.



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