Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2020 Written Update- Karan in Total Confusion; Sherlin to make Rishabh suffer.


In Today’s episode, Sarla goes to the Inspector for some enquiry. Preeta asks Srishti whether Karan still feels that she isn’t innocent. Srishti explains her that she also can’t figure out what is going on in Karan’s head. Maybe he is too confused. Sarla tells Karan that he is allowed to meet Preeta only if he thinks that she is innocent.

Sherlin brings a carton and asks Rakhi whether this is the carton that she wanted. Sherlin is amazed to see Rishabh as he is keeping an eye on her. She thinks that Rishabh will be helpless when he understands that Preeta is again in jail. Sherlin and Maira are about to bump each other but she says that she is always there to take care of people who help her. Maira goes and gives glass of juice to Karina. Karina takes both the glasses with an intention to give one to Rakhi, to patch their strained relation. Karina hands over juice glass to Rakhi, who is happy and they both hug each other.

Rishabh is happy seeing that Maira is the one who has patched up things between Rakhi and Karina. He wonders what else he can do. Maira sees that Sherlin has her eyes on Rishabh. She asks Sherlin what is the matter. Sherlin doesn’t want to explain but only has to say that she will ruin Rishabh’s life as he has ruined many people’s lives. Maira doesn’t understand what Sherlin is talking about.

Sarla asks Karan whether he trusts Preeta or not, otherwise there is no point in meeting her. Karan asks the inspector to show him the evidence. The Inspector refuses saying that he cannot see the evidence as he is just a cricketer. Karan asks him as to who gave him the evidence, he takes Sherlin’s name. Karan advances towards Preeta but is stopped by Sarla. Karan is adamant on meeting Preeta and asks Sarla the reason to stop him. Sarla is sad and says that does he trusts Preeta. He explains that he shall relieve her from all the charges. Karan turns around but Sarla asks him why is he helping Preeta. Karan explains that Preeta promised to help her as he is her husband. She also helped Daadi during her injury. So now its his turn to help her out. Karan walks out. Sarla pleads the Inspector to grant them second bail. The Inspector suggests them a lawyer for the same. He says that the lawyer is expensive but still they take his number.

Karan comes outside the Police station and wonders what can be done. He calls Rishabh but the call doesn’t connect. Maira asks Sherlin why is she continuously looking at Rishabh. She explains that she is looking at his happiness before a storm is going to enter his life. Sherlin tells Maira everything and also suggests her what will be everyone’s reaction. Maira asks for her Karan to which Sherlins says that he shall call her. Karan calls Sherlin and asks her about her whereabouts. She tells Karan to come home and they shall talk. Sherlin then assures that Karina will be on their side and nothing will happen to them.

Rakhi introduces Ramona to the guests and announces that it is her birthday. Karina and Maira meet the guests. One of the guests asks them that they heard police had arrived at their engagement party. Karina explains them the whole situation and also tells them what had happened at the Mehndi function. Karina takes away Maira and tell her that she shouldn’t feel bad about all this. Maira mentions that all her memories are destroyed by Preeta.

Sherlin comes and stares at Rishabh. She thinks that this is the last time Rishabh is going to be happy as from now on he will suffer. Daadi catches her giving weird expressions to Rishabh. She explains Sherlin that she shouldn’t be angry on Rishabh as he scolded her for filing a complaint. She knows that she did all this to protect Maira. They both hug each other. Sherlin wonders when these Luthra Brothers will understand that she is honest and everyone in the family respects her. Sherlin asks Daadi whether she has taken her medicine or not. Daadi tells her that she knows Sherlin shall take care of her and bring her medicines.

Sarla and Srishti reach the Lawyer’s office. The secretary tells them to take a seat. The lawyer asks them whether they have been sent by the Inspector. He agrees to fight their case and assures them that they shall win it. Srishti asks him about his fees to which he mentions to his secretary that charge them half of his original fees.

Karan reaches the party and Ramona is excited to see him. He thinks as to how he can get the video and is there anything really in that video. He knows Sherlin cannot be trusted as she might have bribed the police. The show ends as Karan is seen in total confusion.



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