Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2020 Written Update – Rakhi is all upset; A start towards a New Beginning.


Last Episode, we saw how Rishabh takes the initiative and bails out Preeta. He also asks Karan as to why didn’t he took this initiative. Rishabh decides that he shall now take the responsibility of uniting everyone.

In Today Episode, Preeta is sipping tea when she gets suspicious as Srishti is grinning. She asks her as to what does she want to ask but Srishti denies it. Preeta pulls her ears and asks her what is she thinking about. Srishti tells her that she knew Rishabh is saying the truth and then she is about to spill the tea. Preeta and Srishti share a teasing moment and then Preeta says that she knows Karan won’t think about her as he used to do. Srishti agrees to that and knows about Maira’s intentions.

Maira is worried and she calls Sherlin. Sherlins thinks what does she want now. Maira informs her that everything is ruined and Preeta has been bailed out. Sherlin doesn’t understand and asks her who bailed her out. Maira informs that it was Rishabh who bailed her out. She taunts Sherlin as to she couldn’t even take care of her husband. Karan suddenly enters the room and she cuts the call. Karan asks her the reason for being worried. She answers that its her mother’s birthday today and she can’t do anything. Karan assures her that we shall celebrate her birthday. Maira wonders that she can gain sympathy if not love.

Rishabh is in his room when Rakhi knocks the door. Rishabh tells her as to she didn’t have to knock, she could have come inside. Rakhi mentions that she tried her best to help Sarla when she was locked in the room. Rakhi mentions that she did this because today when she interfered between Daadi’s and Karina’s conversation, something happened. Relations have been strained. She now feels that she aint a part of this house anymore. Rishabh explains her that everything is situational and Karina won’t be feeling good after what happened today. Rakhi asks Rishabh whether her thinking is wrong to which he replies that she can do whatever she wants. Rakhi instantly says that she wants to meet Sarla. Rishabh hands over the car keys to her but she questions that whether she will be able to drive or not. Rishabh takes the keys back and promises to have coffee with her. She gets a sense of belonging to the Luthra family. Rishabh jokes whether she needs to add more makeup, Rakhi hits him and they both leave.

Sherlin is very angry as her plan backfired. She wanted to kill Preeta and let her rot in jail but Rishabh saved her. She gets out of control. She thinks as to how will she let Preeta not enter Luthra house as because of that she is supporting Karan and Maira’s marriage. She sees the video and doesn’t find any evidence. She sends the video to someone who shall edit and send it back to her.

Karina comes out and see Ramona standing there. Ramona apologizes for whatever happened. Karina mentions that she doesn’t need to apologize as the bond between them is strong and doesn’t have to worry. Ramona wonders that Rakhi is upset with her as she didn’t even wish her. Karina is overjoyed and they both go to look for Rakhi.

Sarla along with Preeta and Srishti are scolding Janki as she is consuming a cough syrup with has horrible side effects. There is a doorbell and Srishti opens the door. Rishabh is standing outside and asks what has happened. Srishti is about to tell him everything when she notices Rakhi and asks them to come inside. They sit on the couch and are curious to see Janki smile along. Srishti goes inside to prepare tea. The show ends as Rakhi apologizes as she wasn’t present when they came to ask for help. Sarla understands her situation and thanks as Rishabh came to help them. Rakhi apologizes on behalf of Karina.


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