Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2020 Written Update- Preeta gets bail; Rishabh to help unite everyone.


Last Episode we saw how Sarla goes to Luthra House and tells them to take the case back. Maira is seen spending time with Karan in order to make a place in his heart.

In Today’s episode, Karan is seen thinking about what Maira told him regarding Preeta. She says that Preeta had told her that she will never leave Karan and Maira should back out of the wedding. Karan remembers the time he spent with Preeta and lost in his thoughts; he bumps into a ward boy.

Janki questions Sarla why the police are so stubborn to which Sarla replies that they are just fulfilling their duty. Janki then states that the police shall arrest anyone in hurry and while leaving they shall create problems. Sarla is looking for an auto when Rishabh requests them that he shall drop them. Sarla tries to refuse but isn’t left with any option as they all sit and leave.

Karan enters the Police Station and asks about the inspector. The constable says that the Inspector is with a criminal and shall be here. The inspector arrives and Karan asks about Preeta. The Inspector informs that there is some confusion as his brother released Preeta and took her away. Karan immediately leaves to catch up with them.

Bi Jee is with Sameer. He tries to console her by saying that they shall come soon. The car arrives and they all go outside. Bi Jee hugs Preeta and Srishti asks Rishabh how did he knew about Preeta. He says that Sameer had called him. Bi jee thanks him and he says she doesn’t need to mention it as he did all this for his family. Sarla tells him to come inside but he says that he has lied a lot and now has to cover up them. Srishti kisses Sameer and he enters into his romantic thoughts. Janki then advises him to remove the mark on his cheek.

Rishabh comes back home and is very angry. He starts shouting Sherlin’s name. Karina comes and asks him what is the matter. She informs Rishabh that Sherlin is at her mother’s place and shall stay over there. Rishabh says how could they all do this when he wasn’t here and even if they did all this, he would have come back from Canada. Karina is clueless as to what he is talking about. He mentions that he is talking about Preeta and she can never do such a thing. She is innocent and is now out on bail. She is happily at her house. He orders Sameer to pay the lawyer. Karina threatens him but he tells him to send the receipt.

Karan is sitting in his room when Rishabh passes by. He asks Karan as to why didn’t he save Preeta. Karan tells him that he was confused as when they arrested Preeta, there were witnesses and he couldn’t understand what he should do. Rishabh tells him that he need not listen to anyone else and do as his heart says. He knows that Karan had been to the police station as his lawyer told him. So, Karan shouldn’t lie. He indirectly tells Karan to take care of his wife that means Preeta.

Srishti comes with tea and Preeta asks her as why did she tell her that she had a word with Karan. Rishabh told her that Karan didn’t knew anything about this. Srishti explains that she lied as she didn’t want to spoil her mood as Preeta was very hopeful. Preeta tells her that she made a mistake as she knows Rishabh is telling the truth as Karan might be in some work.

Rishabh wondering about the pain he realized in the eyes of Aurora and so he must do something for them as they are nice people.

Maira anxiously asks Karan as he enters the room where he was and tells she is ready to face any obstacle as she is his wife; Karan feels uncomfortable and leaves the room by making an excuse of collecting her reports. Maira sensed his uncomfortable behavior and tells him now soon everything would be fine as Preeta is no more in their life.

Rishabh wonders how he will be able to change the mentality of the people as there are differences between these two families. At first it was a single family which lived in two different houses. He shall now do everything to protect the Arora’s

The show ends as Karan comes back to hospital and tells Maira that Preeta has got bail. Maira asks him who bailed her out and Karan replies that it was Rishabh. Maira cant believe and she gets nervous.


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