Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2020 Episode Written Update- Karan under dilemma; Sarla will do anything to save Preeta.


In the last episode, we saw Maira was hit by the truck. Preeta takes her to the hospital for best treatment. Sarla is worried about Preeta as to how the Luthra’s shall treat her, whether they shall respect her or not. Preeta is arrested as she is trapped to found guilty in an attempt to kill Maira.

In today’s episode, Sherlin tells Maira that it was Preeta who pushed her in front of the truck. Karan disagrees and says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Maira too says that it was Preeta who pushed her in front of the truck. Ramona also says that Preeta is at fault and if she is so nice then why did she send a legal notice. Ramona wants Maira to explain what Preeta told her on Mehndi night. Maira twists the words and say that Preeta shall never leave Karan or her alimony and therefore Maira should back out of the wedding. Karina advises that Karan should respect those who love him and shouldn’t go behind those who aren’t worthy like Preeta as she will never love him. Maira tries to say something but Karan stops her and leaves.

The Lady Constable advises that Srishti should leave the jail as she isn’t allowed to stay with a criminal. Srishti argues that why she should leave the jail and why are they calling Preeta a criminal without any reason. Preeta explains her that she shouldn’t argue as it won’t solve their problems. Sarla arrives as they both are standing near the jail. Janki pleads Sarla not to scold both of them as they are already scared. Preeta cries seeing Sarla and explains her that she hasn’t done anything. Sarla calms her down and says that she knows she hasn’t done anything wrong. She will never harm anyone. Though she went to help Daadi, those people didn’t behave with her properly, still Preeta won’t do anything to them. Sarla gives her a kiss stating not to worry as they both will go home.

Karan is in the hall when he starts thinking about Preeta. He thinks that Preeta has done everything wrong. If she had a problem with Maira, she could have told him and he would have solved the problem. He wonders what he should do as everything is messed up. Maira asks Rakhi what does she feel about her. Rakhi says that she trusts what Maira has said. She might have come in front of the truck and might have fallen from the hospital bed. Ramona doesn’t want to hear what Rakhi is saying, so she and Karina leave to consult the doctor.

Rakhi explains that she trusts Maira a lot but she also trusts Preeta. She is worried what will happen to Preeta and starts to cry for her. Sherlin tells her to go and consult a doctor. Sherlin says that Rakhi doesn’t want to believe what Maira is saying. Maira wonders what she should do now as Rakhi doesn’t trust her. Sherlin tells Maira that Rakhi loves her a lot and that love won’t go away. She advises Maira to stay in the hospital for as long as possible as she will get some time to spend with Karan. Maira asks Sherlin to leave as she doesn’t need her advice. Sherlin leaves and comes outside thinking that she should do something as to which Maira shouldn’t fight with her.

Sarla is standing in the corridor when the doctor arrives. She explains that her daughter cannot be a killer and the charges against her are false and she should be left now. The Inspector tells Sarla not to explain him his duties and Preeta is arrested on the charges of attempt to murder. The Doctor tells Ramona that Maira is not well and has to stay in the hospital for 2 more days. Rakhi assures Ramona that everything will be alright. The show ends as Sarla who had taken a pledge that she shall never go to Luthra’s house, shall go and ask for their help. She would take all possible steps to save Preeta. She starts walking out. Srishti goes to follow her but Preeta stops her and says that Sarla is really angry now and she shouldn’t go behind her. Srishti stays back when Preeta pleads her to.



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