Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2020 Episode Written Update- Sherlin’s plan backfires; Sarla seems all worried about Preeta


In the Last Episode, we saw how Maira and Sherlin join hands to kill Preeta. They are adamant on their decision to kill her as they don’t want her to get close to the Luthra’s. Preeta is seen thinking about Karan’s overall behavior towards her. Karan, too is in the romantic space.

In Today’s Episode, Preeta is walking on the road, lost in her own thoughts. She can’t get over Karan and can’t overcome her feelings. Sherlin and Maira are waiting in the car. Sherlin knew that Preeta shall take this route. Maira is about to hide but Sherlin tells her to see everything from the side view mirror. Maira knows the reason for Preeta is happy because of Karan. Sherlin calls the killer and explains him everything. He assures her that everything shall happen according to the plan. Preeta is walking on the road, when he is about to kill her, a kid walks in to pick up his ball. She moves aside. The truck driver shall hit her taking a U-Turn.

Preeta then explains the kid that it is dangerous to play on the road. She advices him to play on the ground and asks about his mother. He demands a Candy Floss and Preeta buys him one. The driver says that he can’t kill her as she is standing on the footpath. If someone pushes her on the road, it will be easy. Sherlin says Maira has to do it as she has to take a revenge on Preeta mainly. Maira walks towards Preeta. Sherlin is about to call her but she goes on to take a video as  she feels if someday Maira tries to act smart, she shall show this video and this way, Maira will always be under her.

Karan is pleading Rishabh to not go to Canada and arrange the concert in India. Rishabh explains him that it is already scheduled and he shall be back in 3 days. Karina says Karan is doing all this because as he doesn’t want Rishabh to go. Rishabh is praised by everyone and he leaves.

The truck driver hits Maira and runs away. Srishti tries to catch him. Preeta checks her pulse and says that she is unconscious and they should call an ambulance. Sherlin disagrees and says that ambulance will take lot of time. They shall take Maira in her car.

Janki asks why Sarla is so angry. Bi jee replies that as Preeta has gone to Luthra’s house, Sarla is angry. Janki states that Sarla always is worried and takes tension for no reason. Sarla explains that it isn’t a small thing as the Luthra’s have always insulted Preeta when now she is just helping them. Janki assures her that she need not worry as Preeta is capable enough to handle all of them. Sarla gets angry and says that Janki means that Preeta is helpless. Bi jee responds that this wasn’t what Janki meant. Janki then explains that Preeta has done a lot. She has gone there as a doctor and treated Daadi. She even saved all of them in the hall. So now no one shall disrespect her. Sarla still is worried as Preeta has done a lot for the family but was always disrespected by that family. She even told Maira to back out of the marriage as Karan is not a good guy but she didn’t listen even when she is an intelligent girl. Sarla asks both of them whether they want to say anything. She knows that Maira doesn’t like her. First it was Karina who didn’t like her. She just wonders that nothing should happen to Preeta.

Preeta brings Maira to the hospital and calls for the doctor. She wants the patient to get the best treatment as she personally knows the doctor. Sherlin thinks that her plan has backfired majorly and now if Maira says anything against her, it will ruin her life. Sherlin doesn’t want Preeta to have a word with Maira. Srishti sees how Sherlin is looking towards Preeta. She pleads not to look at her like this, to which Sherlin gets angry and leaves. Srishti wonders if she wouldn’t have reached to the road on time, it would be Preeta who would have been hit by the truck.

Daadi, in general asks why hasn’t she come yet. Karina replies that they both have gone for shopping. Rakhi then says that Daadi is asking about Preeta. The doorbell rings and everyone thinks that it might be Preeta. Rakhi opens the door and sees Ramona with lot of handbags. Ramona mentions that she has bought things for everyone as the shop had a good collection. Ramona asks why are everybody so worried to which Karina says that the physiotherapist hasn’t arrived. Ramona understands that they are talking about Preeta. She tells Rakhi to not take Preeta in this house ever again. The show ends.



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