Kundali Bhagya 16th January Written Update- Sherlin and Maira hatch a Plan to Harm Preeta


In the last episode we saw how Preeta treats Daadi. Daadi feels better and apologizes for her behavior towards Preeta. Maira gets upset and frustrated with Preeta getting close to the Luthra’s once again. Karina understands her situation and promises her that Maira will be the one to marry Karan. We also see how Karan and Preeta discuss about their feelings for each other.

In Today’s episode, Janki gives medicine to Bi jee. Sarla is seen waiting near the door. Bi jee tells her that Preeta has texted her that she shall be home soon. Sarla responds that she is waiting for Srishti as she hasn’t come back. Janki wonders whether she should tell that she was with Sameer. Preeta enters the house and Sarla asks how did everyone behave with her. Preeta explains that she was respected by everyone and no one said anything to her. She also mentions that Daadi is now better but she may have to go again tomorrow for treatment. Srishti, who is standing outside wonders what is in that bag.

Karan keeps thinking about Preeta. As he enters the house, he gets out of the car and is lost in his world. Ganesh hands him over the phone, but Karan is lost in his world, starts dancing with Ganesh. He kisses his forehead as well. Ganesh is happy to see Karan happy as he knows it’s all because of Preeta.

Sherlin is in her room, when Maira enters. She explains that she saw Karan and Preeta chatting so freely as if nothing has happened between them. She gets angry and says that she shall kill her before they get to close. She empties a full glass of water. Sherlin backs her decision. Maira is now hell bent on killing Preeta. She asks Sherlin for a plan. She wants it to look like a road accident and wants someone to help them. After Preeta is dead, everyone shall feel bad. Karan will feel bad and that is when Maira shall support him and make a good impression in his heart. Sherlin gets ready to support her and she says they shall discuss it tomorrow when Preeta comes for the treatment.

Preeta is eating icecream in the kitchen when Srishti scares her. She asks Preeta where she has kept the bag as she searched the whole room for it. Preeta denies of there being a bag. Srishti tells her that she shall tell Sarla about it. Preeta gets worried and says that bag was gifted to her by Karan and it contains some Dupattas. Srishti exclaims that Karan is trying to make up for his mistakes. That is good in one way. She also asks how was she treated in the house and Preeta tells her the same thing she told Sarla. Srishti jokes that tell Karan to gift her a new mobile as Sameer broke her mobile. Preeta asks whether she wants tea as Srishti wonders that everything will be alright now.

Sherlin and Maira wait in the car. Maira asks her as to what they are doing here. A man comes near their car. Maira gets scared as the man is scary. Sherlins explains him the whole situation, hands him the money and tells him that it is Preeta who he has to kill. He assures that it will look like an accident.

Bi jee is asking for newspaper, that is when Preeta gives it to her. She says Srishti had taken it. Bi jee asks Preeta where she is going, she says that she is going to visit Daadi. Sarla tells her to have yogurt as it will be beneficial for her. She also mentions to send Srishti back as she might be in the local market eating snacks. She has now decided to scold and hit Srishti. Bi jee and Preeta start laughing. Bi jee gets tensed as she knows Preeta won’t be treated well as she there are three people, Karina, Sherlin and now Maira who are behind her.

Sherlin and Maira are in the car. Maira is staring at Sherlin. Sherlins asks her about that. Maira questions her that why is she helping her. Sherlin says she doesn’t want to interfere between her and Karan. She wants to harm Preeta as Rishabh too is in love with her. Maira backs off but Sherlin pleads her that it is time to harm Preeta. The Show ends.




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