Kundali Bhagya 15th January 2020 Written Update – Preeta gets close to Karan making Maira upset; Daadi apologizes to Preeta.


Last episode we saw Preeta enters the Luthra’s house to help Daadi. She bumps into Karan and they both have a romantic moment. Maira witnesses this and gets frustrated. Rishabh is glad that Preeta is here and now everything will be fine.

In today’s episode, Preeta enters a store room. The light in the store room isn’t functional. She gets a bit scared. As she turns around, she sees Karan with a lighter, she gets scared but thanks him. He asks her whether she has placed the box in the store room or not. Preeta questions him as to what did he wanted to say. Karan tells her that she wouldn’t open up and tell the truth in front of everyone, so if she has something to say, she can tell it to him. Preeta says that she always speaks the truth. She then finds the bag where she has kept the medicine box. She says everyone in this house has kept their things differently. She turns around and Karan is standing behind her. They both look into each other’s eyes and Karan mentions that he is happy that she came to their house and thanks her. Preeta responds that she is just fulfilling her duty as a doctor. Karan questions her as to how can someone be so nice. Preeta unknowingly says that she somehow has an attachment towards this house but she is angry on Karan’s attitude. He says that he thought she shall say that she still loves him but after she goes, he keeps wondering about it and has to let Preeta know about it.

Daadi explains that she is now feeling better and says that Preeta is a good doctor. Maira enters the room thinking that it won’t be easy to create her good impression in their minds as they are still attached to Preeta. She wonders where Karan and Preeta are.

Preeta thinks about what Karan said to her and if he really meant that she was looking beautiful. Karan calls her from behind but she doesn’t stop. When he goes near her, he accidentally tears her Dupatta. They both are about to fight but Preeta says that its her mistake and goes away. Karan doesn’t understand what is happening and goes behind her. Sherlin wants Maira to realize whatever she has told her. Preeta applies some medicine on Daadi’s feet. She gets relaxed and calls Preeta towards her. She hugs her and apologizes for her behavior towards her. Preeta sits beside Daadi.

Maira sees them both talking and starts crying. She bumps into Karina. Karina asks her about her reason to cry. Maira explains her the whole situation as to how she feels Preeta is coming close to Karan, the incident that happened on Mehndi night, so she feels she won’t be able to marry Karan. Karina promises that she will get married to Karan and she knows how to fulfill her promise.

Preeta explains that she has applied medicine and Daadi shall feel better in the morning and now she has to leave. Rakhi insists that Rishabh shall drop her but she denies. It will be Karan who shall drop her and she agrees to that. While in the car, they don’t talk to each other but they both remember the memories that they had gone through. Karan stops the car and Preeta asks him why did he stop it. Karan says that her house has arrived. As she is about to leave, she thinks he called her but he refuses. When Preeta leaves, he feels whether he should talk to her and how she shall feel. Karan calls her from behind but Preeta ignores him knowingly thinking that its just a hallucination. Karan pulls her dupatta and tells her that he was calling her, gives her the bag. The bag contains 5 dupattas. Preeta asks him why is he giving 5 Dupattas as till now he has only torn 4 of them. He says that the fifth one if for today. He gets awkward handing her the bag. Karan stops the car in front of Preeta and then goes away. The show ends as Maira is spying on them and she gets upset. She thinks these two have got close in such short time but before this they wouldn’t have even seen each other.




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