Kundali Bhagya 14th January Written Update- Preeta enters Luthra’s house; Maira is frustrated; Sameer and Srishti almost get caught.


Last Episode, we saw how unknowingly Daadi falls down from the steps. Sherlin fails in her plan and Maira gets to know that Sherlin is behind all this. Karan wants Preeta to take care of Daadi instead of any doctor. He requests Preeta to come. Tensions creep up as Preeta is going to come at the Luthra’s house.

In Today’s episode, Preeta convinces Sarla that she is going there only to treat Daadi and shall be back very soon. Sarla is not that convinced. Maira wants to remove Preeta’s good image from everyone’s mind and wants to establish her mark in the house. Sherlin gives her a reference and says it will be better if she is dead then. Maira is stunned and she praises her intelligence by calling her a smart girl.

Rakhi offers to massage Daadi’s legs but she says it shall pain. Karina says that Preeta doesn’t want to come and help Daadi as she doesn’t care about this family anymore. Rishabh stops her from saying anything bad and assures everyone that she might be in some trouble. He advances to bring Preeta but Karan stops him and says he shall bring her. Rishabh agrees for the same as Sarla won’t allow her to come. Karina disagrees and says Sarla always was behind their wealth. Rishabh disagrees to that and say that was never the case. Daadi tells Karina not to insult Preeta and talk to her nicely.

Karan is walking towards the door when he bumps into Preeta. He catches her and they both romantically look at each other. Maira sees them together and is shocked. Sherlin is also shocked but she is happy that Maira has seen it herself. Karan leaves her and claims that Preeta hasn’t changed at all and she bumped into him. Preeta exclaims that it was Karan who bumped into her. They both start to argue about it. Karan asks her why she is late and she is sorry about it. Karan makes fun of her and Preeta walks away as Karan goes behind her. Maira cries and Sherlin consoles her. Maira is totally frustrated.

Sameer asks Srishti whether she wants to have anything else. She asks him to pay the bill. Sameer tells her that he isn’t a coward and he is openly eating with her in a local market. Srishti fools him that her mother Sarla is standing behind him. Sameer then notices Sarla for real and tell Srishti about it. She doesn’t believe him. Sameer hides behind a stall. She believes him when she hears her voice and also hides with him behind the stall. Sarla and Janki come to the stall where they are hiding but the stall owner is nowhere to be seen. Srishti requests Sameer to stand up showing his back to them. Sarla and Janki question him as to why doesn’t he face them. Sameer lies that he has a fast today and cannot see anyone. They both question him as to why did he park his cart here if he cannot see anyone. They ask him whether they can take vegetables by themselves. The real owner sees them placing vegetables and thinks who is robbing his cart. Sameer is worried as to what he will do.

Karina says she was telling the truth and they should call another doctor. Preeta enters the room and sits besides Daadi. She asks her about the pain and gives her medicines. Rishabh assures Rakhi that now there is no need to worry as Preeta is here and she shall take care of Daadi. Preeta gives her the medicines and she is relieved. Rishabh thanks Preeta for coming and knows that she might have faced some problems. Preeta assures him that there isn’t any problem.

Sarla asks him how will he weigh the vegetables. Sameer says he won’t weigh them, his master shall do it. The real owner comes and Sameer explains him the whole situation. He tells him not to take money for the same. He too plays along with them. Sarla drops her pursue and Janki kneels down to pick it up. Srishti and Sameer plead her not to tell Sarla about this and she assures them by telling Sarla that they should head back home. Both of them thank the vendor for his help.

They both get into the car. Preeta calls Srishti and tells her that she is at Luthra’s house to help Daadi. Srishti explains the whole thing to Sameer. The show ends as both of them are happy that things will change as they were earlier.



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