Kundali Bhagya 12 May 2021 Written Update: Mahira and Sherlyn will be in trouble for ruining Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 12 May 2021

Mahira Suspects Sherlyn, Preeta’s new enemy Revealed: Preetha of Daily Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor’s superhit serial ‘Kundali Bhagya’ has a mountain of troubles. Karan has gone to jail to save Preeta. After Karan goes to jail, Preeta has lost her sense of mind. Preeta is flirting to get Karan out of jail. Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhupar (Dheeraj Dhoopar) As you have seen in the starring serial ‘Kundali Bhagya’ till now, Preeta is blaming herself for Karan after she goes to jail.

Preeta apologizes to Rakhi. Preeta is sad that due to her, Karan arrives behind the bars of the jail. On the other hand, Prithvi has become suspicious that Meghal is not someone else who blackmails him. In the last episode of the serial ‘Kundali Bhagya,’ you saw that Prithvi calls Blackmerl. Prithvi is shocked to hear the sound of the phone.

Prithvi realizes that the blackmailer is around him. After scrutinizing Prithvi, it is known that this number is of Megha. After knowing this, Prithvi is convinced that Megha is blackmailing him. Prithvi tells this to Sherlyn. Due to this truth of Prithvi, Mahira and Sherlyn’s relationship is going to get upset.

In the upcoming episode of the serial ‘Kundali Bhagya,’ you will see that Sherlyn will try to hide the truth of Prithvi from Mahira. Seeing Sherlyn’s actions, Mahira will be suspicious of her. Mahira realizes that Sherlyn is hiding a secret from him. Knowing this, Mahira will get angry. On the other hand, Mahesh will go to jail to meet Karan.

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Mahesh will praise Preeta a lot in front of Karan. During this, Rakhi will also reach the police station. Rakhi will be surprised to see Mahesh in jail. At the same time, Pappi will advise Rakhi and Mahesh to work with wisdom. Pammi will say that Preeta is not fit for Karan. Hearing this, Suresh will tell Pammi to shut up.


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