Kundali Bhagya 10th January 2020 Written Update – All Ends Well; Preeta to be accepted in the Family.


In the last episode we saw how all family members get united to get rid of the robbers. Preeta’s brilliance saves the family members and the hall. She electrocutes the robbers and Police come on the scene.

In Today’s episode, the police arrest the robbers. Everyone is relieved. The robbers are shocked as Police arrives. They question them as to who called them. Preeta and Karan also fight upon this. The Police state that this hall falls under the jurisdiction of two police stations, so they came here to arrest them. The police search the hall and are about to arrest Prithvi, but Sarla stops them and mentions that he is a member of our family. Rakhi hugs Preeta and thanks her for saving everyone.

The police also compliment Preeta indirectly as they say that whoever electrocuted the robbers was clever indeed as it wouldn’t have been possible to catch them. Rishabh mentions that it was Preeta who did all this. Rishabh thanks Preeta. Sarla however says that she did all this to save the hall before they all leave. Karina calls Karan and Rishabh outside.

Bee ji hugs both Preeta and Srishti and says she is proud of them. Sarla mentions that she told them not to go and work in the hall. She also told Janki that these children do not listen to them when we get old. But indeed, she is proud enough of her daughters that they are strong and can handle any situation.

Bee ji mentions that they are her daughters first. Janki comes with milk for them but they both deny, so she announces that she shall make sweet dish for everyone. Sarla sees Preeta’s hand and says Preeta is brave enough as she isn’t crying even if she is hurt. She hugs Preeta which makes Srishti angry but later she hugs both of them.

Rakhi describes everything to Mahesh as to what all happened. She is also proud of her sons that they protected her when she was on gunpoint. She also mentions that she doesn’t want to die so soon as she wants to live with her family including Rishabh and Karan. Rakhi mentions that she was saved by Preeta and Srishti. She is also aware that there are differences between the families. She also feels helpless that she couldn’t do anything for Preeta. Maira, in the meanwhile is standing behind her and is a bit annoyed. She tells Mahesh to consider Preeta as a part of their family and fight for her rights as she cannot undo whatever has happened. She starts crying beside Mahesh.

Ramona is tensed as she receives a call and is dicey whether to attend it or not. Maira walks up to Ramona and tells her about what Rakhi said. Maira wants Ramona to have a word with Rakhi regarding this. Ramona tries to explain something else but Maira insists upon this. Ramona tells her that her father is calling which makes Maira uncomfortable. Sherlin thinks that if Rakhi accepts Preeta then she won’t be able to complete her mission. She therefore shall create negative thoughts in the mind of Karina with regards to Preeta.

Preeta is in her room and really loves her Mehndi. Karan also looks at hand scar and thinks about how Preeta pulled him towards her in the hall. Sameer comes and asks what is the matter. Srishti explains that Preeta is smiling thinking about Karan. Sameer also tells Karan to remain happy and asks him whether he was thinking about Preeta. The show ends as Srishti requests Preeta not to lie as she has kept the tap open in the bathroom. Preeta thinks how childish her sister is.




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