Kunafa World Shark Tank Deal Update: Did The Founders Get a Deal From Sharks or Not?

Kunafa world shark tank india

Shark Tank India begins yet another week with a new range of exciting, aspirant startup founders from different parts of India. The Sharks for this week’s episodes in Shark Tank India will be Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), Namita (Emcure Pharma), Ghazal Alagh (MamaEarth), Vineeta Singh (Sugar Cosmetics) and Anupam (Shaadi.com).

Kunafa World is founded by two young entrepreneurs who are on a mission to provide 100% vegetarian Kunafas in around 15 different varieties. Kunafa World aims to bring the Arabic dessert into the Indian market.

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What Happened to Kunafa World in Shark Tank India?

  • Kunafa World is founded by an aspiring entrepreneurs,  Zamzeer Ahamed, Jameela Ruhi  who entered the Shark Tank with a mission to grow their Kunafa brand.
  • Kunafa World came into the Shark Tank India platform asking for INR 90 Lakhs for 5% equity in their exciting Kunafa products based company, ‘Kunafa World’.
  • The first outlet of Kunafa World opened in Bangalore in 2018. However, multiple Kunafas opened in the recent times in Bangalore and other cities.
  • The varieties of Kunafas earned accolades from the Sharks panel.
  • The central kitchen and eatery model earned a lot of curiosity from Sharks. The revenue generated close to INR 1.7 crores for the current year so far. The sources of revenue include franchise and royalty fees.
  • The issue with scalability of the current business model turned off the interest from majority of the Sharks.
  • Hence, Kunafa World got a deal from the sharks in Shark Tank India.

Kunafa World Shark Tank India Deal or No Deal?

Company Name Kunafa World
Founder Zamzeer Ahamed, Jameela Ruhi
Product A franchise based business model for 100% vegetarian Kunafa, an Arabic dessert
Asked For ₹90 Lakhs for 5% Equity
Final Deal NO DEAL
Sharks Invested NO DEAL
Episode (Shark Tank India) Season 1 Episode 28(26th January)
Business Status In Business
Net Worth/Valuation ₹18 Crores
Website Website Link


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