Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3 September 2019 full Episode Written Update

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 3 September 2019

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shows that Kulfi wants to establish Ganapati in Chawl. But Kulfi does not get donations from any house in Chawl. On the other hand, Alexander is very worried about work. On the other hand, Lovely plans to escape in jail. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is seen in the show that Sikandar is unable to bring AC for Amaira, Amaira is very sad. At the same time, Sikandar also gets very upset. Sikandar speaks to Kulfi that I cannot sing my old songs. Can the man not move forward on the path of honesty, while Kulfi tells God why you are not listening to my father, Kulfi realizes That this is the month of September, this month belongs to Ganapati ji, he will have to talk to him only.

At the same time, Kulfi goes to everyone’s house in the chawl and asks whether Ganpati ji is there, but in whose house Ganpati ji is not found. At the same time, Kulfi’s sandal breaks. At the same time, Kulfi says that everyone will bring Ganapati ji in the chawl and together they will worship Ganapati ji in the chawl. At the same time, Kulfi goes to the mistress of Chawl together with everyone.

At the same time, in Lovely Jail, Kulfi plans to run away from the jail with Mami. Lovely wants to escape from jail as soon as possible. At the same time, Kulfi goes to chawl to ask for donations. Kulfi all children come together in the role of God and ask for donations. Sikandar wants to buy AC for Amaira but Sikandar does not even have Rs 10,000 so that he can get AC for Amaira, while Amaira and Kulfi goes to everyone to collect donations.


  1. Comment:oh my kulfi d singing star is d best series so far.. I adore her courage n actions.. sikandar is the best but his old for my age cos I love him


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