Kota Factory: The Perfect Binge-Watch to Relive your Kota Memories


India’s first ever black and white online series called Kota Factory was released on YouTube by TVF. The series has banked unparalleled love and popularity from the youth of the entire country. The backbone of the story rests on the life of an IIT aspirant who has moved to Kota for JEE Mains and Advanced coaching. People have fallen in love with this series because of the fact that it shows the utmost reality of Kota and what happens in the life of students who aspire for prestigious institutions of the country like IIT.

Gems of the Series

The cast of Kota Factory comprises young and talented faces that are popular on social media and YouTube. In the lead we have Mayur More and Ranjan Raj. Jitendra Kumar and Ahsaas Channa are the popular names who are playing important roles in the series. The series is directed by Raghav Subbu. It is written by a panel of creative writers with Sandeep Jain in the lead. As mentioned earlier, it is the first black and white web series launched in the country. An interesting factor for the popularity of the series is the character called ‘Jeetu’ (Jitendra). His dialogues and character development has been the highlight of the series. One of the dialogues that got insane shares was the one said by Jeetu in episode 2.

“Bache 2 saal mei kota se nikal jate hain!

Kota saloon tak bachon se nahi nikal pata”

Every science student goes through a lot of ups and downs while preparing for any competitive exams. This series has highlighted the different phases of preparation. The continuous tension to choose between studies and friendship that every seventeen year old has to go through is beautifully presented. A new perspective about the parent-child relationship is seen in this series. Kota Factory is a break-through from the generic web content that has been floating in the market. The target audience is huge for the show. In precise terms, this online series hits on the bitter frames of the past of a student’s life. In recent times, TVF needed a strong buzz to save them from the sink. Kota factory has brought them back in the game with a stronger hold.

The Takeaway

There is a lot to refresh and learn from the series. People who have gone through this system will find see this series as the reminiscence of the past. For those who chose the better option can find it all the more funny, hilarious and gripping. Every flavour of emotion is rooted in various character and nuanced through the storyline. The series comprises of just 5 episodes and is available for free on YouTube. Kota Factory is truly a perfect binge-watch to laugh, relate and learn.


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