Kiran Mane Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Relationship and other Info Revealed!


Kiran Mane is a famous Marathi actor. He is known for his TV shows and serials. Notably, there was a rumor that he was dropped from the serial ‘Mulki Jolly Ho’ due to some reasons, which is going viral as of now in media platforms. But in the media, the majority supported him for this issue. Lets have a look on his bio information here.

Kiran Mane’s  Age

Kiran Mane was born on January 1, 1970.

Kiran Mane’s Height and Weight

Hardik Joshi’s height – 175 cm(approx)

Hardik Josh’s weight – 82 Kg(approx)

Kiran Mane’s Hometown

Kiran Mane was born in Mayani, Maharashtra.

Kiran Mane’s Instagram

His Instagram page is not much active. In his account he is having very minimal posts. His account age is below for your look.

Kiran Mane’s Relationship status

  • Kiran Mane is a married.
  • Not much information available about his family

Kiran Mane’s  career

  • He is a very popular television actor, film actor and supporting actor.
  • Kiran Mane is started his acting career from his childhood itself.
  • After completion of his school education he stared a small concern to become an entrepreneur.
  • He won many awards through his hard work and dedication towards work.
  • He gave his participation in many dramas. Some of those are, Govind Ghya Gopal Ghya, Shri Tashi Sau, Ti Geli Tevha and so on.

  • He also acted in movies too. His movies are : Kanha, On duty 24 Tass and Surajya.
  • He contributed himself to small screens as a serial actor and gained lot of fame through it. Some of the famous serials from his list are,
      • Pimpal Gav
      • Lakshmi vs Saraswati
      • Mazya Navaryachi Bayko
      • Bheti Lage Jeeva
      • Mulgi Zali Ho

Kiran Mane’s Unknown fact

  • Kiran Mane is great book lover.
  • Kiran Mane wrote and published a book called ‘Tuka Ashecha Kiran’.
  • He has the ability and interest to analyze politics well.
  • So he likes to bring political ideas to people and thereby create awareness.
  • He did not pass class 12th due to lack of interest in studies. So it is said that he attempted suicide. Later his friend helped him to come out of the situation.

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