Kim Sharma, Ex-Girlfriend of Yuvraj Singh Sets The Internet on Fire With Her Stunning Bikini Pictures!


Kim Sharma, once popularly known as Yuvraj Singh’s girlfriend, is nowadays setting fire with her bold style even at the age of 39. Kim Sharma is a Bollywood hot actress and she has once again appeared in a bold avatar. Kim is recently in the news for her hot bikini photos of Kim Sharma which are viral on social media.This picture of Kim received instant accolades for her stunning body and colorful bikini. Interestingly, one of her followerstrolled her asking, ‘Now even Yuvi got married, how long will you stay single and how long will you roam in a bikini.’

Kim Sharma is often seen on social media by sharing her hot and bold pictures and the lightning is seen on the hearts of the viewers and she goes home with her bold style. Bollywood actress Kim Sharma’s latest bikini photos are being well liked on social media and she is seen in a beautiful colorful bikini this time. Her 400K+ instagram followers are delighted to see Kim’s bikini avatar. 

You can see Kim Sharma herself shared these pictures on her Instagram account and wrote with it – ‘It was dark and cloudy that day too but atleast I was in the pool #flashbackfriday’. 



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