Khatron ke khiladi 12 elimination this week: who will be eliminated from kkk12?


Khatron ke khiladi 12 is very closer to grand finale week. The show is giving a hot and spicy moments to the viewers. The contestants are going through so much of pains and struggles in performing the stunts. Lets see about  the elimination and wild card entry of this week in the show.

Khatron ke khiladi 12 elimination 28th August

In 28th August episode, the team has eliminated Faisu, which was unexpected and shocked to the audience. Because Faisu is a great competent and also he believed to become a top most among the others.  But unfortunately he was eliminated last week.

Khatron ke khiladi 12 4th September full update

  • The team has planned a stunt performance to the contestants.
  • Since it is a fear fanda week contestants should try to win a stunt to get relief from the fear fanda

Khatron ke khiladi 12 4th September – Stunt 1

  • All the 5 contestants were given the paddle boat to destination, they have to jump into the water to reach the paddle boat
  • After get into the boat they have to row the boat to opposite to reach the destination.
  • After reaching the sand destination, all they have to find the detonator parts of the detonator box to make it blast.
  • In all 5 contestants the Mohit won the stunt and he got free from fear fonda.
  • Noticeably, Pratik  didn’t participate in this stunt because of panic. Obviously Patrick falls under fear fanda.

Khatron ke khiladi 12 4th September – Stunt 2

  • In stunt 1 of this week elimination process Mohit won the stunt, so he escaped from fire fonda.
  • Except Mohit, all others, Rajiv, Kanika, Rubina and Pratik should perform the stunt 2 given by the team to safe themselves from elimination.
  • In stunt 2 the contestants must have to collect the gold from the car, which is in under water. The maximum gold collecting contestant will be a escape from fear fonda.
  • In the final of thus stunt, Rajiv, Kanika, Rubina are put in their maximum effort to collect the gold but Pratik seems to be very less effort contestant.
  • Out of all 4 contestants Rajiv collected maximum amount of gold and escaped from fera fonda.

Khatron ke khiladi 12 4th September elimination

  • After the completion of stunt 2, the elimination stunt takes place for Kanika, Rubina and Pratik.
  • There is 6 hanging cars placed on the stunt field. They are 3 yellow and 3 green cars respectively. There were flags hanging on the each cars and final flag is apart form the last car. Contestants should collect all the 7 flags to win the stunt.
  • Rubina started this stunt and after collecting 1 flag she quit the stunt.
  • Kanika cleverly collected all the seven flags.
  • Now it is Pratik’s turn to collect the flags. But he denied to do the stunt.
  • So finally, Rubina and Kanika save for the week and Pratik got eliminated.

Khatron ke khiladi 12 4th September wild card entry

  • In final, host Rohit shetty announced the wild card entry contestants names, Faisu and Sriti Jha.
  • But he announced that either one of them could go to the show based on the competition.
  • They both were undergone with the stunt to enter in the wild card. Obviously Faisu defeat Sriti Jha in stunt and went into the show as a wild card entry.
  • His arrival made the contestants and the audience very happy.

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