#KavinTimeToShine Trends on Twitter After Kavin’s Performance in Bigg Boss Kondattam!

kavin losliya bb kondattam

Kavin is the fan favourite in Bigg Boss Tamil season 3. He enjoys a huge fanbase and every time he got nominated for eviction, fans would come together to vote for him. Infact Kavin would have been the winner, if he had not walked out of Bigg Boss house. When he walked out of the BB house it was a shocker to everyone, his love Losliya was heartbroken but because of Kavin’s fans Losliya was able to sustain her third position on BB finale.

Now Star Vijay is celebrating a show called BB Kondattam with Bigg Boss contestants where all the contestants are set to dance, sing and play games with each other. Kavin’s performance in the show for Thalapathy Vijay’s song from “Sarkar” movie is the highlight of the event. Kavin’s dance video is leaked and it’s going viral among fans. He dances like Vijay and imitated Vijay which won him huge applauds among fans.

kavin bigg boss eviction

Kavin’s fans have been very active on social media. Kavin’s army has taken to Twitter especially after his exit from the show. Several hashtags related to Kavin were found trending which shows the might of his fan base.

Recently, post the completion of shoot for Bigg Boss Kondattam, #KavinTimeToShine was found trending on twitter. Kavin’s fans have been on their toes when it comes to showing some love for their favorite contestant.

Here are some of the reactions of Kavin’s fans on Twitter:






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