Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 completes 1 year Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes starrer Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 is not performing well on Trp

anurag basu shivani marriage kasauti zindagi kay 2

Tomorrow i.e. on 25 September (2019), Ekta Kapoor’s serial ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ke 2’ will be completed one year. Through this show, artists like Erica Fernandes, Partha Samthan, Shubhavi Chowkse, Sahil Anand, Pooja Banerjee, Karan Singh Grover, Hina Khan and Charavi Saraf have gained immense popularity, but this serial has not been getting the same TRP for the past few months. Is, as used to be found in the previous days. So let’s know what are the reasons that are causing this?

Lack of strong script
The story of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 is sometimes so powerful that viewers watch every episode of it with great enthusiasm and they eagerly wait for each episode, but nothing has been happening for the past few months . Even Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s wedding track did not give the show good ratings.

Lack of fun twist
The lack of a fun twist has always been missed in this show. Well, the writers do bring newness in between to present something different from the previous season.

Mr. Bajaj’s faint entry
After Prerna, Anurag and Komolika, Mr. Bajaj is the important character of this serial. The entry of this character looked a bit bleak. Although Karan Singh Grover has worked hard to get into this character, but he has always been compared to Ronit Roy.

Isolation of motivation and affection
Ever since the distance of inspiration and Anurag has increased, the show has been less liked by the audience. Even today, the fans through social media demand the producers to mix Anurag and inspiration.

Hina Khan’s loss caused
Hina Khan called the show ta-ta bye-bye for her Bollywood project. As soon as Hina leaves, this serial has suffered a lot in the case of TRP, which has still not been recovered.

Hina Khan will not return
It is heard that due to her new projects, Hina Khan will not come back as a Komolika in this show. For this, the producers are looking for new artists and this fact has gone to the fans.

Overacting shop
If we look closely, there are many artists, who are so overacting that anyone can get a headache. By the way, if there is any other reason in your list, then add them in the comment box.



  1. Kasuti 1 is very beautiful and good story. Kasuti 2 is not bad. The actors specially Anurag is very good. But unnecessary some character like Navin babu Bajaj aunt Tanvi add in the show. Long time we saw Prerana is pregnant but their are no symptoms of her body. If the story is going like kasuti 1 than its better. Audience also not like the same house Bajaj Anurag and Prerana live this is very unrealistic.

  2. All the reasons listed down are not true the reason was only and only the separation of anupre ??earlier anupre fans including me to were the loyal viewers but now it had been almost 3months i hadn’t watched it the anger of fans can be easily viewed on Instagram.
    And every actor is a very good actor there. ???

  3. Because of Bajaj entry the show is suffering, at the time of komolika there was challenges and prerna used to win all that challenges so people were enjoying that chemistry between three of them. Here now Everytime anurag has to loose and beg for his love and no chemistry at all. Nowadays prerna also take me.bajaj side , not fair and no chemistry between anurag and prerna. No interesting factor is there to keep the audience intact and smiling on the show.

  4. We all are diehard fans of anupre their separation have made the serial very boring. Everybody loves anupre so since prerna got married to bajaj we are not watching the show. Loved them so much. Bring twist and turn but don’t separate them. And all the characters are good in their own way. So please don’t give credit to one or two.

  5. Bakwaas show ….anuraag bhikhmango k jese ..prerna se pyaar maang raha h …..or yh bajaj family …basubaari me ..rah rahi h ..this is so disgusting …..faltoo ka show …dekhne ka b mann nhn hota ab to

  6. You are totally correct.
    If this would be a normal love story as in maximum daily soaps. This serial would have done extremely well. There are so many villains and separations between the leads.
    Even, it is not clear who is the lead.
    I must say ,-
    This is the combination of worst script and best cast.
    I love #anupre #parica

  7. Start showing prerish together . . . Anurag is crossing limits , prerish look good together if u show chemistry in between these two ,, people ll forget History n chemistry of Anupre

  8. Very true I started watching this serial coz iliked the chemistry between anupre they both look so cute but after the entry of mr Bajaj the characters, their working way is not the same everything is changed I stopped watching the serial since bajajs entry..also it seems the makers are themselves confused about the show

  9. The characters in the show are overreacting!Actually I started watching this serial because of anupre.Because I love chemistry between anurag and prena.Actually there is limit of separations and Villanova track.This track is going since 4 months,we fans are tolerating this sequence.It has become so boring,I don’t like to watch it.Even I miss the old anupre.And there is no story behind this all.Only separation track is going.I would request ekta mam to change the story.Otherwise there will be no difference between season 1.Even it will be loss of ekta mam.Already fans are hating the track and trp has become low.

  10. The current track is not working because the makers have taken a whirlwind route to whitewash Bajaj. The endeavour to establish the new couple by breaking the old one is one of the reasons the viewers have feel so detached with the Show. On top of that to elevate Bajaj, they are blackening Anurag. Shame on the makers who resorted to such a cheap gimmick. The rate at which they are whitewashing Bajaj is meteoric and absolutely unconvincing. They couldn’t elevate Bajaj with his own story. They couldn’t have done a better job in establishing a criminal as a hero… Bravo!!! (Note the sarcasm)

    Another thing that doesn’t work is Erica’s acting. she was never that great of an actor but of late she has become terrible. Her loyalty versus soulmate jaap induces headache instead of sympathy. Also her pregnancy track has now been stretched beyond tolerance. Show that she has taken a decision – either her husband or her soulmate. She cannot oscillate between bot of them.

    Anurag has been reduced a whiny, conniving sidekick which is a bad, a very bad move considering what a beautiful journey it has been to Anurag’s character building. Undoing it is a couple of week is not working. Neither the makers attempt to reduce Anurag as a second fiddle will go down well considering the massive fan following the actor has, besides the fact that he is a good actor.


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