Karnataka Coronavirus Live Updates Alert: “Send a Selfie Every Hour”, New Rule For Home Quarantined Cases in Karnataka!


CoronaVirus is ripping apart the economy and normal livelihood of millions across the globe. Hugely populous India is beginning to face the brunt of Level 2 and 3 transmission of the virus in the country. There has been a significant surge in the total count which mounts to 1263, including 32 deaths. The major regions affected are Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi NCR Region and Rajasthan.

Home Quarantined Patients Face New Rules in Karnataka

Karnataka has a massive number of people in home quarantine due to the current coronavirus spread. There are around 24,000 people facing mandatory quarantine at home for a period of 14 days from their arrival in India. The Government of Karnataka is taking strict measures to ensure that community spread does not occur because of irresponsible home quarantined citizens.

Coronavirus In Karnataka: What is the New Rule For Home Quarantined People?

  • All those under home quarantine in Karnataka have been asked to send a selfie every hour except for the time they are sleeping (10 pm to 7 am). If the person fails to send selfies, they may be shifted to a mass quarantine centre.
  • The selfie shall be uploaded through the Quarantine Watch App, developed by the Government of Karnataka. Along with the selfie, the GPS coordinates of the sender will be captured and cross verified by the officials.
  • Every photo will be verified by a special Government photo verification team and defaulters will be subjected to mass quarantine.
  • Government health officials visiting home quarantined people will also use the app for uploading the pictures of the home quarantined people.
  • The app also has a list of government designated first response hospitals for COVID-19 where citizen with symptoms can go. However, before going to a COVID hospital, people should call helplines — 104, 080-46848600 or 080-66692000

How to Download Quarantine Watch App For Monitored Home Quarantine People?






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