Kannada Lockdown Quarantine Watch List: These Old Golden Kannada Serials Might Be Re-Telecast Soon!

Danda Pindagalu

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are undergoing a nationwide lockdown. As a result of this, all the production houses have been shut down. This has affected the channels ongoing serial track as there are no new episodes to telecast. To maintain the viewership and keep the audience entertained in these lockdown days the channels have decided to re-telecast their old shows.

With DD Hindi re-telecasting Ramayana and DD Bharti re-telecasting Mahabharat, the Kannada channels must also choose their selection of old shows to be re-telecasted. Here is our top 10 pick of the serials which deserve a re-telecast.

Crazy Colonel

For all those looking for a good laugh, this comedy series is a must-watch. The show revolves around the life of a retired colonel played by Ramesh Bhatt who lives with his wife and a Labrador. The serial includes various escapades of the colonel trying to woo young girls and getting caught by his wife in the end. The narrative was telecasted in the 80’s and is directed by Lingaraj.

Danda Pindagalu

The show was telecasted on Udaya TV. This show revolves around the struggles faced by middle-class families and unemployed youth. This show was directed by Phani Ramachandra. The show depicts the day to day struggle infused with comedy.

Guddada Bhootha

This show is a 90’s thriller which was re-telecasted in 2014 on Zee Telugu. The show is directed by Girish Kasaravalli. It stars Prakash Rai in the lead role. The title track of this serial, ‘Dennana Dennan’ is quite popular. For the viewers looking for a thriller amid the boredom, this is going to be quite a treat.


This serial was a resounding success directed by T.N Seetharam. The plot involves a middle-class family facing issues such as politics and crime. The title song of this serial had also become widely popular.


The show originally aired on DD Chandana in 1998 and was re-telecasted on Zee Kannada in 2014. The serial was directed by T.N Seetharam along with P. Sheshadri and Nagendra Sha. The plot revolves around two middle-class girls who want to impact the society at large while still keeping their personal lives in balance.

Moodala Mane

The show is directed by Vaishali Kasaravalli, who was the first professional women director of a Kannada Serial. The serial stars K S L Swamy and Renukamma Murugodu. The show portrays the life of Madhwa Brahmins in North Karnataka and aims to highlight the patriarchy. The show was immensely praised for its authenticity either in accent or costumes.

Paapa Pandu

The show is all about a husband being dominated by his wife. The serial is directed by Sihi Kahi Chandru. This show is considered a rare gem and a rarity. The show can make the viewers roll on the floor with laughter. This serial was such immensely popular that it also has a sequel.

Paduvaralli Paddegalu

The serial was directed by Master Anand. This serial holds the magic of ’80s and ’90s and ought to be a slice of childhood for many viewers. The show has excellent comic timing with extraordinary performances from the cast.

Silli Lalli

The show was directed by Vijay Prasad and was the prime time show in every house of Karnataka. The plot was about a dope doctor Vittala Rao and the drama surrounding his family. The lead actors of the show were Ravi Shankar and Manju Bhashini.


This serial features the popular Kannada actor Ganesh. This serial portrays the lives of people living in Vatara in Bangalore. A Vatara is an enclosed apartment kind of home. This serial was also directed by Phani Ramachandra.






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