Kaiyum kalavum season 2 release date: what to expect?


Kaiyum Kalavam is a freshly released Tamil language web show on the Sony Liv platform! From the day when makers announced this web show, it caught the attention of audiences, and now after the end of Kaiyum Kalavum season 1, fans are waiting for the makers to launch the next season of Kaiyum Kalavam, season 2. 

Season 1 of Kaiyum Kalavum has hit the screens and now the fans are expecting the same from Kaiyum Kalavum season 2! Fans can also watch this web show with subtitles in the English language. However, this web show is only appropriate for the audience who have crossed the age of 16! Since the fans are always waiting for any new updates regarding their favorite web show and about season 2 of Kaiyum Kalavum, we are here with a write-up that will be updating the fans on everything about Kaiyum Kalavum season 2! 

Kaiyum kalavum Season 2- Release Date

This can be a good news for all the Kaiyum Kalavum fans out there and that is , it is official from the sides of makers that they are going to launch season 2! However, there are no announcements for the dates regarding the release, so there is a high chance that fans may have to wait to watch the Kaiyum Kalavum season. They can wait until the next year or even a year after in 2024! 

Kaiyum kalavum – What to Expect in Season 2?

Kaiyum Kalavum has a genre of thrill and drama for the audience to watch and enjoy! This web show is written by Roju who is also the Director of this web show, ” Kaiyum Kalavum”. 

The storyline of this web show commenced with a king. He is known to bring about a drama group. It was to brainwash the king that a female is known to rule far better than what a man can rule! 

But, there were several twists in it! There were two actors in it who wanted to get all the attention and they all spoiled the whole drama and the motto of the drama was also spoiled and everything turned out to be ugly! Because of all this, the king cursed those two actors in that drama! The male actor got blisters on his hand and the female actor got ugly luck and this made the whole web show a lot more interesting! Fans can expect to watch the continued storyline for Kaiyum Kalavum season 2, too! Any further information regarding the next season will be informed to the fans! 


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