Jovika Vijaykumar Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

Jovika Vijaykumar Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

After the smashing success of Bigg Boss Tamil 6, fans couldn’t contain their excitement for the grand premiere of the seventh season. With the illustrious Kamal Haasan reprising his role as host, this season promises to be bigger with a twist: the introduction of two houses, a first in the show’s history.

Several speculated contestants like Tamil actor Abbas, Raveena Daha, and notably, Joker Cool Suresh (who received mixed reactions from the netizens) have started making their entrance.

Spotlight Contestant: Jovika Vijaykumar

Attribute Details
Profession YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth September 22, 2003
Birth Place Chennai
Parents Vanitha Vijayakumar (Tamil Actress, Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant), Akash
Instagram Followers 40k+
YouTube Contributions Features in cooking videos on her mother’s channel (878k+ subscribers)
Popular YouTube Series Cook With Jovika, Jovika’s Kitchen
Inspiration Her mother’s involvement in the entertainment field


  • Jovika’s entrance into the Bigg Boss house has created quite the buzz, not only because of her own burgeoning social media presence but also due to her lineage. Her mother, Vanitha Vijayakumar, was a contestant in the third season of the show.
  • A major part of Jovika’s popularity on YouTube stems from her collaborative efforts with her mother, where they both showcase their culinary skills.


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