Joker Thulasi dead: Actor Joker Thulasi passed away after testing positive for COVID 19

Actor Joker Thulasi death

The increase in the number of coronavirus victims and victims across Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, has come as a shock over the past few months. Following this, the Tamil Nadu government implemented a curfew order for the first 14 days from today.

In this situation, the innocent public and the celebrities of the film industry are being victimized by corona. Recently, director Tamira, director KV Anand, director SP Jananathan and a few others were killed by Coronavirus, and now another Tamil film actor has passed away due to COVID 19.

Actor Joker Thulasi has acted in many movies, including Avatara Purushan, Udanpirappu, Ilayanarani, Tamilachchi, Mannai Thottu Kumbidanum, and many serials including Koladi, Keladi Kanmani, Kasturi, Vani Rani. He has been suffering from coronavirus for the last few days and was undergoing treatment. Many filmmakers have expressed their condolences for his death.

The continuous victimization of movie celebrities by Corona has caused great shock among moviegoers.


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