Jennifer Winget hot and glamorous look In Beyhadh 2, check out BTS Video and release date

beyhadh 2 sexy video

Beyhadh 2 starring Jennifer Winget is set to premiere on Monday 2nd December 2019. Jennifer Winger as Maya will share everyone once again from 2nd December and the makers have assured that it will be better than Beyhadh with plot even more scarier and Winget’s role even more terrifying. Here is the behind the scene video from Beyhadh 2 where we see a hot and sexy Jennifer Winget doing some mind boggling stunts. A new Mahabharata will commence when the ones who wronged her will have to face her righteous fury. Watch #MayaAgain in #Beyhadh2, starting 2nd December, Mon-Fri at 9 PM @jenwinget


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