Is Kavin forcing Losliya to love him? Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 10

bigg boss 3 tamil losliya upset with sandy comments

This is the third promo video of Bigg boss 3 Tamil September 10 Day 79. Tharshan reads a letter from Bigg Boss in front of everyone which seems to be a letter from Cheran.

The letter is for Kavin from Cheran which says when I left the Bigg Boss house I told you that we can talk about relationship and other personal things once you come out and told you both to focus on the game. But you seem to be forcing Losliya to say yes to love now inside the house.

Is this fair? Can you force her to say yes to love. You went to the extent of talking about marriage celebration, is this fair fro your end? Kavin could not answer hearing this and kept his head down.

Is Kavin forcing Losliya to love him? Comment below.


  1. Is losilya a small kid who can’t decide?she has brain to choose rite? why must kavin force her? Cheran just want to put bad name on kavin

  2. Its not forcing to los on kavin
    He just clarify the relationship, but cheran sir you dont like the kavin so in between bad impression of kavin in people.
    It’s a not good, kavin los relationship is our own don’t influence and bad impression.

  3. Both r fake.. They r planning and doing everything.. They r not kids.. Julie is better than Losilya.. No one is forcing
    They r planned

  4. Losliya also gave hope all these days and discussed with Kavin and ever where she was sitting next to him and holding his hands and accepting him. Now why we need to blame Kavin? Kavin wanted to ask her before he or Losliya leave the house. What is wrong in that. Losliya has been alerted by Abi now about how their love has been shown all the time . So now she is trying to be careful but Kavin genuinely asking . Nothing wrong… Losliya talks all coorect thing so giving hope also she would have done with her full knowledge.She can’t now escape as this is game. May be they can go out and talk further. For me Kavin is such a genuine person and not playing for Cameras or public. he is being him.

  5. Bigg boss shown to us that speech only but we can’t know what about does spoke before….why he is spoke to that topic thats like.

  6. What a rush to make Losliya tell the 4 letter word! Isn’t forcing!! He has to behave and be a man. He knows how many cameras are watching! So funny!

  7. Kavin Bigg boss 3 illana Bigg yarum pakka mattanga, Vijay TV television neenga kavin veliyatrinal naanga (makkal) yarum Vijay TV parkka mattom, naanga vote podurom appidi irunthum engalukku Enna velai illa illannu ninakkirangala, neenga kavin V2 vittu ponnal Vijay TV Bigg boss parkamattom pa,


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