Is Kamal Hassan Roasting and Targeting Vanitha too much? Is he showing Partiality in Biggg Boss 3 Tamil September 8, 2019 Day 77

bigg boss 3 tamil september 8

Bigg Boss Season 3 is riddled with controversies and Vanitha being the centre of everything. She is speaking her mind out and sometimes crossing her line which many agree like in the case of Sherin and Tharsha where she called their relationship an affair. It triggered Sherin which resulted in their relationship spoiled, but this was not Vanitha’s fault alone. There are others in the house that gives input to Vanitha but keeps quiet in a situation while Vanitha easily looses her coolness and shouts at them.

Kamal Hassan in today’s episode September 8 again targets Vanitha. Kamal Hassan was saying something while Vanitha interrupts, Kamal said he will forget if interrupted and Vanitha said sorry. Then Kamal couldn’t continue his talk as he forgot what he was saying and everyone was laughing about that. Yesterday’s episode filled with Kamal making fun of Vanitha and Vanitha couldn’t talk back owning to her respect for Kamal Hassan.

Is Kamal Hassan unfair with Vanitha and Supports Kavin, Losliya and Sandy

Sandy was making fun of Vanitha by giving voice over and he took it to extreme level. But Kamal Hassan didn’t talk about it in yesterday’s episode. It was offensive to some extent from Sandy and Kamal didn’t bring it up while talking to Vanitha.

Also when it comes to Kavin and Losliya his approach is usually softer compared to Vanitha. He acknowledges their love but that doesn’t mean Kavin can sit and not play. Kamal being the host should be hard on Kavin for not playing the game while Vanitha is putting forth that issue Kamal is not taking it into account is what the accusation is from social media.

Who is getting eliminated in today’s Bigg Boss 3 Tamil episode

It’s widely said that Cheran will get eliminated today in Bigg Boss episode and may enter the secret room. We’re not officially confirming it, let’s wait for tonight’s episode.


  1. He himself say, he respect women first. Rather than genus. This is way he respect the people. Also he is political party president example of other. This is very shame and irritating other viewers. Keep it up and continue Mr kamal. ??

  2. Definitely Kamal is taking sides and very tolerant of kavin losliya and sandy’s Irritating behaviour … you cannot corner a person at all times as she too says somethings that others don’t come up with

  3. Oh yes it’s very very obvious that Kamal is wasting time hitting hard on Vanitha instead of hitting on others who are playing the fool in the house. He doesn’t hit on Sherin or Loose inspite of their bad behaviors. Shame on Kamal to find a Vanitha punching bag.
    His hosting is getting bad to worse. Maybe a better host may make the show more interesting.

  4. She deserves to be roasted. It’s her fault to assume the position of “hostel warden” in the house. She frequently stepped out her boundary. She asked for what it!

  5. Ppl got to eliminate Kevin, Los & others if found not playing any games & just sitting down only… It’s not kamal’s job…. Kamal’s job is to discipline those abusing others….

  6. Kavin and loslia are really irrirating at times, kavin got stupid ego to talk back unnecessarily to dodge his mistake while loslia is high headed and a mere show off, sherine..i donno why shez still there? Doing absolutely nothing while vanitha..even though she seem to be like crossing boundaries in her taljs she sounds true..but does good when it comes to games ultimately the persons to be nominated for elimination are loslia, sherine and kavin..

  7. It’s a good thing that Mohan Vaidhiya sir is no more..he doesn’t act his age..he is very childish.I’m sorry to say this.

  8. Vanitha cheek jaw structure a fighting women ,even her dad not spared. Like madhumiha involved others problem suicidal potential.BB credited for her troubles and rules stupid evicted wild card entry. Public votes taken for granted

  9. Kamal Hassan is doing his job as a moderator very well. He is not a judge. He reminds contestants when they exceed boundaries and showcases their strengths and weakness to the viewing public. Each character strive to live together. They have to control their emotions and expressions for the full duration of their stay without extreme actions or reactions… and that, I believe is the game.
    How each character is validated(liked/disliked) and kicked out of the House (and the editing making it interesting to kindle public interest and emotions) is down to the viewing public.

  10. Kamal is doing his job,in the interest of the game.
    Big boss is lovely only on Saturday and Sunday.
    People have different opinions.

    II am sure there are more people watch on sat and sundays because of Kamal.


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