Is Dhanush’s Karnan movie depicting history in a wrong way?

Karnan tamil movie

Even before the release of Karnan, it was rumored that the film would be based on the Kodiyankulam violence. Thus, the fans were easily aware of the village of Podiyankulam in the movie Karnan.

In this context, the Kodiyankulam event featured in the film “Karnan” took place in 1995 during the Jayalalitha. But the Podiyankulam incident shown in the film “Karnan” has been shown to have taken place during the Karunanidhi regime in 1997. Thus, what director Mariselvaraj did is being criticized as a historical error on YouTube and social media.

Is director Mariselvaraj trying to misrepresent history in the light of this criticism? Or does he not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Various side questions are being raised, such as. In this context, some organizations and social activists have been expressing their views on the historical events that took place in the film “Karnan.”

In that sense, from 1995-1996, severe caste problems were taking place in areas like Thoothukudi and Nellai. These problems have ruined the normal life of almost 40 villages. In such an environment, the “Kodiyankulam” problem occurred. Rather than narrowing down the incident to a bipartisan issue, it should be seen as pressure on society.

And in fact, the Kodiyankulam incident took place in 1995 during the Jayalalithaa regime. But in the aftermath of this, during the reign of artist Karunanidhi in 1997, all the transport corporations in Tamil Nadu were named after hidden heroes and freedom fighters. That is how the name of Kattabomman’s general Sundaralinganar, a warrior of the oppressed caste, was placed. The dominant castes in the Thoothukudi are engaged in a series of struggles to remove the name.

In the ensuing violence, Murugesan, the panchayat chief, and six members of the Scheduled Castes were killed. Mari Selvaraj is directing the movie “Karnan” by taking this violent incident as a bus code. The film aims to portray the mentality of the dominant castes and the struggle for the rights of the oppressed and explains that Mariselvaraj does not seem to have any intention of portraying the existence of oppression during this regime.

But it is noteworthy that no explanation has been given so far on behalf of the film crew or the director for such criticisms arising about the film “Karnan.”


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