Is ‘Cook with Comali’ Sunita in love with Ashwin? Here is her official statement

Sunita Gogoi Ashwin kumar love

Sunita Gogoi is one of the comali in the show ‘Cook with Comali’ which is currently airing on Vijay TV with huge support from the fans. It is noteworthy that the scenes where she and Shivangi alternately fall in love with Ashwin are both humorous and romantic.

In this regard Sunita recently answered the questions of the fans in a live broadcast on social media. Then when she said ‘This is an act as part of the show, our wavelength matches and he treats me like a good friend, even if there is one side love the way he treats me as a pair has got us good names among fans.’

I have no love with him and he has told me he is a good friend. Here is the full video of Sunita.


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