Is ‘Cook with Comali’ Shivangi in love with Super Singer runner Sam Vishal?

Shivangi Sam Vishal relationship

One cannot be unaware of the ‘Cook with Comali’ show airing on Vijay TV. Season 2 of the show is getting a lot funnier in recent episodes, however; The scenes where the contestants try their best to make the clowns help them in their cooking make the fans shudder and laugh. It can be said that there is a separate fan base for cooks and comalis alike.

More importantly, the comalis from last seasons like Pugazh, Bala, Shivangi, and Manimegalai have also participated this season. Most importantly, Shivangi has a huge fan base.

It can be said that the pranks she does for Ashwin have attracted a lot of fans. Shivangi, who came live on occasion on her youtube channel, was asked by some of her fans to tell about Super Singer fame Sam Vishal; she said, “He’s a close friend of mine. He’s like Boybestie. I will share anything with him. Some people ask me, “Do you love Sam Vishal?” Not at all, “she says with a smile on her face.”

Now, this has cleared about the relationship between Shivangi and Sam Vishal.


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