Is Bigg Boss Kavin acting in Thalapathy 65?


It is learned that the pooja for Thalapathy Vijay’s 65th film ‘Thalapathy 65’ was held today, and many people, including Vijay and Nelson, attended the pooja. It is noteworthy that the photos related to ‘Thalapathy 65’ pooja posted by Sun Pictures on its Twitter page went viral.

Actor Kavin and actor VTV Ganesh also attended the pooja for the film ‘Thalapathy 65’. Following this, news spread that the Kavin would be starring in the movie ‘Thalapathy 65’. According to sources, Kavin will not be seen in the film, but VTV Ganesh will be starring in the film for the first time.
Thalapathy 65 kavin
It is said that Kavin worked as an assistant director in the film ‘Doctor’ directed by Nelson, and it was based on that friendship that Kavin attended the film’s pooja. Will he also work as an assistant director in ‘Thalapathy 65’? It remains to be seen.


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