Is Bigg Boss Aari joining any political party? Important announcement from Aari today

Aari Makkalukku Mudhal Vanakkam

It is worth noting that the winner of the Bigg Boss Season 4 show, Aari, is meeting his fans today, and an event is organized for him to meet the fans at a private mall on OMR Road, and Aari is scheduled to meet his fans at 04.30 this evening.

It is said that Aari will meet a large number of his fans today and answer the questions of the fans. In this situation, Aari has made an important post on his Instagram page.

In it, he posts, ‘I will share with you today the announcement of my next phase move.’ Following this, his fans and supporters intend to see what his next move will be beyond the Bigg Boss and movies.

Is Aari probably going to join a political party for something? Or going to start a solo party? It remains to be seen what his next move will be.



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