Indian Idol 12 winner: Anu Malik picks Shanmukha Priya as winner over Pawandeep Rajan

Indian Idol 12 Winner Shanmukha Priya

The famous singing reality show Indian Idol 12 has now moved towards Finale. There are 9 singers left in the show, one of which will become the winner of this season. Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya, and Vishal Dadlani, the judges of the show, already want to see their favorite singers become winners. While Neha Kakkar wants to see Arunita Kanjilal becoming a winner, Vishal Dadlani is a fan of the voice of Sayli Kamble.

Talking about Himesh Reshammiya, Himesh wants to see Mohammed Danish and Pawandeep Rajan become winners. Currently, the show is also being judged by Anu Malik, and the past weekend, Anu Malik has chosen his Indian Idol winner. Surprisingly, he has not chosen his favorite contestant Pawandeep Rajan as the Indian Idol winner.

Anu Malik has chosen the season’s yodeling queen Shanmukha Priya as her Indian Idol winner. Shanmukh gave a great performance in the Kishore Kumar special episode. After his performance, Anu Malik went on stage and said that he would have made Shanmukh Priya the Indian Idol winner if he were on his bus. Even before this, Shanmukh has been offered his composition songs several times. This is a setback for Pawandeep Rajan. Anu Malik has been seen crossing all limits for Pawandeep many times in the show. Also, Anu Malik went on stage twice and lifted Pawandeep in his lap.

Talk about this season; there are currently 9 singers left in the season. These include Pawandeep Rajan, Mohammad Danish, Sawai Bhat, Shanmukh Priya, Arunita Kanjilal, Ashish Kulkarni, Nihal Taro, Sayali Kamble, Anjali Gaikwad. By the way, which singer would you like to see become the winner of the show?


  1. Poor Selection in picking SMP. She has good voice but has not chosen right songs. She sang too stale stereo type noisy. To me. ANJALI GAIKWAD & ARUNITA are better. In boys I pick
    This Rajasthan singer & that Himalayan state boy.
    Between these 4, my pick is Arunita & Rajasthan.

  2. Shanmukhapriya is versatile. The sheer range and reach of her voice is simply superb. Trained in Indian classical music, she is doing wonders with a blend of classical and pop, setting a trend of her own. This young, promising girl is humble, honest and hard working. She deserves all encouragement.

  3. Shanmukapriya is brilliant and can sing all types of songs. She’s a rock star. She must be given the right songs to sing. She’s a great performer and sings beautifully. She’s simple hardworking and gives her very best.

  4. Pawandeep all rounder absolutely a great singer .
    Shanmukapriya good but not all rounder needs a little more mature and needs to extend her range.


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