Indian Idol 12 Grand Finale Voting Results 15th August: Pawandeep vs Arunita for Title Winner Position?


The epic ‘Indian Idol 12 Grand finale’ begins amidst incredible enthusiasm from the audience. The special guests, singers, judges, and finalists of Indian Idol 12 brace for a marathon 12-hour grand finale which will include exhilarating performances, and suspense around the title winner announcement.

The top 6 finalists will perform ahead of the biggest day in their lives so far. Indian Idol 2020 featured an epic journey for talented singers. Pawandeep created ripples across social media, engrossed the audience to cement himself in the finale. Arunita, Sayli and Shanmukha Priya built a strong foundation with the regional audience to ensure they stay afloat in the competition.

Indian Idol 12 Grand Finale Voting Results – 15th August 2021

The final week of voting saw a major spike in enthusiasm among the audience. The six finalists gave their best shot to impress the audience to enter the top 3 finalists of Indian Idol 12.

  • Pawandeep Rajan is a maestro of Indian Idol 12. Right from his talented prowess with musical instruments to wooing the audience with his melodious voice, Pawandeep ticked all the boxes.
  • Arunita’s melody and versatility earned her massive accolades through her Indian Idol 12 journey.
  • Sayli, Mohammed Danish, and Nihal are the dark horses of Indian Idol 12 finalists. Several weeks after the last elimination in Indian Idol 12, the trio succeeded to cement their way into the finals.
  • Shanmukha Priya’s journey was the most controversial among the remaining finalists of Indian Idol 12.
  • According to the voting results, there will be multiple eliminations among the finalists to decide the winner and runner-up of Indian Idol 12.

Indian Idol 12 Voting Trends – Winner, Runner Up, and Top 3 Positions

  • Pawandeep Rajan – 22% vote share
  • Arunita – 20% vote share
  • Sayli – 18% vote share
  • Shanmuka Priya – 16% vote share
  • Nihal Tauro – 12% vote share
  • Danish – 12% vote share

Indian Idol 12 Voting Trends Analysis Grand Finale

  • Pawandeep leads the way among the rest of the finalists in terms of the voting results. According to reports, Pawandeep might hold on to the title winner position.
  • Arunita is a potential runner-up of Indian Idol 12.
  • There is a tough competition between Shanmukha Priya and Sayli for the third position.
  • Nihal and Danish are potential eliminations in the first half of the Indian Idol 12 Grand finale.

Indian Idol 12 Finalists

  • Nihal Tauro
  • Arunita Kanjilal
  • Mohammed Danish
  • Pawandeep Rajan
  • Sayli Kamble
  • Shanmukhpriya




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