Indian Idol 12 Elimination: Mohammad Danish vs Sawai Bhatt, Who Will Be the Seventh Elimination This Week?


India’s biggest singing reality show, Indian Idol 12 will witness some amazing performances this weekend. Saturday’s episode guaranteed amazing entertainment while the contestants grappled for safety from elimination this week. Sayali Kamble, Arunita cooked up some ear soothing melodies on Saturday.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination This Week – Seventh Elimination

The mesmerizing performances from Pawandeep and Arunita guaranteed them safety from elimination this week. Apart from Sayli, Ashish Kulkarni was another standout performer of this week. The judge, Himesh Reshmaiyya was stunned by his amazing rendition of “Rafta Rafta Dekho Ankh Meri Ladhi Hai”. Shanmukha Priya is proving her worth in the show every week. Her grooves with special guest Rekha enthralled the audience. Hence, Shanmukha Priya is a potential finalist of Indian Idol 12 by the look of things.

The contestants who received the maximum number of votes for this week’s elimination are:

  • Pawandeep
  • Arunita

Hence, the limelight shifts on Sawai Bhatt and Danish for elimination this week. Though the two singers are highly talented and have gained the praise of the audience, one of their journeys will come to an end this weekend. Sawai Bhatt was a classic rockstar but the stiff competition might edge him out to elimination this weekend.

Mohammad Danish sang the song  “Rutre Hue Ate Hain Sab” on Saturday’s episode. Danish’s performance impressed the special guest Rekha. However, it would be a shocking eviction if Danish leaves after such a good performance.

Hence, the two contestants who face the risk of elimination this weekend are:

  • Sawai Bhatt
  • Mohammad Danish

The suspense of elimination will be broken on Sunday’s episode of Indian Idol 12 at 9:30 PM IST.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination List

  • Sahil Solanki
  • Samyak Prasanna
  • Vaishnav Girish
  • Anushka Banerjee
  • Sireesha
  • Nachiket Lele


  1. There is no integrity on the part of the judges and Sony! The Indian Idol winner is predetermined. You can see how the contestants are set up! Why are they not open with the votes and judges’ scores? Hiding them means they can manipulate numbers so they get the person they want as the winner. Fake show!! What a disappointment! Shame on Sony and all associated with this duplicity!!

  2. I do agree that votes should be announced openly; in details: how many of public votes and how many judges votes. For singing skill Danish is a better singer than Sawai. Danish can sing what Sawai sings and Sawai can’t sing Danish’s variety of singing genre. Sawai is limited to one style whereas Danish almost all like Pawandeep…still Pawandeep is the best…

  3. I do agree that votes should be announced openly; in details: how many of public votes and how many judges votes.

  4. Indian Idol 12 contents are great singers. So many disappointed with Shanmukha Priya performance. Indian Idol final top 5 candidate should be a versatile singer and Shanmukah Priya is not a versatile singer. She cannot sing different varieties of songs viz., classical, melodies, old classical & soft songs. She always sings same type of songs and Indian Idol judges should keep in kind and see that Shanmukha Priya is to be eliminated prior to top 5 contestants.

  5. Neha has always to say something. She always cuts people off who are commenting , even Mr R K Rahman. She should let people finish talk.


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