Indian Idol 12 Elimination 30 May 2021: Pawandeep and Arunita faces each other, who will be eliminated tonight?

Indian Idol 12 Elimination 30th May 2021

Indian Idol 12: Danish and Anjali Win Boys VS Girls Round: Indian Idol 12, the famous singing reality of the TV industry, has been a part of the headlines continuously. The show is getting one twist after another every week.

In the last episode, there was a great competition between Girls vs. Boys. While Manoj Muntashir was leading the boys’ team, Anu Malik led the girls’ team. Danish and Anjali have won the competition in the competition between Girls vs. Boys.

In the last episode, the competition between girls vs. boys was quite fun. In this show, Danish and Anjali became winners after defeating all the other contestants. Sony TV shared both of them on its official Twitter handle.

Fans are congratulating them on Twitter after Danish and Anjali won. One user commented, ‘The performance of both of them was excellent, but Indian culture was seen inside Anjali.’

Danish performed the song ‘Lagan Lagan Lag Gaye Hai’ from Salman Khan’s film ‘Tere Naam’ in the last episode. Performing on this song, fantastic energy was seen inside Danish. On the other hand, Anjali gave an outstanding performance on the song ‘Laga Chunri Mein Daag.’

Apart from these two, all the other contestants present on the show also gave an outstanding performance one after the other, but the boys vs. girls competition won the title by Danish and Anjali.

It’s expected that one of the contestants will get eliminated in tonight’s episode of Indian Idol 12. Whom do you think will get evicted? Comment below.


  1. We are boared of hearing the same style of song from shanmukhapriya. Please eliiminate her.। For me anjali sings well. Any body ask shanmukhapriya to sing a clasical song, than let’s see the results.
    All the best anjali. God bless you are the winner of 12.

    • You don’t have musical test of understanding. SNP is the best original singer on the Indian Idol 12. She sould be the champ.

    • Dear…this is the proragative of makers…all contestents are good. Shanmukh is a trained classical singer and started making notes at age 3. Dont get biased..ii should be that all are asked to sing other genre….

  2. Only Anjali is proper n qualified singer. I m sure even Himesh, Neha n Vishal cannot sing shashtriya sangeet n they are the judges.
    They should all try and sing what Anjali can sing.
    Give them the challenge

  3. So called SMP shud be eliminated now its the time for Countdown and winner should be announced soon
    May be Pawandeep most deserving

  4. We cannot judge because we don’t have a much expertise about music…… There are judge they would decide whom should leave the show….. All the best to every contestants👍

  5. The shouting ELEMENTS… Danish..Shanmukhpriya..Sawai.. needs to leave the show immediately.. without delay… rest are definitely the WINNERS… God bless them..??

  6. Come on india *”Anjali** she is the best and we are all watching the mixer of classical singing and play back singer of future,she win or not but we will be hearing lots of songs from her in film industry as well as She might come as a judge,for singer you shd have knowledge of all sur and taal otherwise road chaap and railway singer we had seen ,so to rap up i left seeing indian idol as Anu Malik molester had come and over acting he is doing,looks like a porn star,foolish sony TV.

  7. Pawandeep is no match for Arunita Kanjilal as far as singing is concerned. Arunita must be placed in Ist to 3rd position considering the final day performance.

  8. To be honest with,if i would choose any one contestant between all of them.Definitely Pawandeep Rajan who sings really amazing songs with his very natural vocal.And one think i would say this also because being the judge Anu Malik doesn’t decide fairly as he is not fair at all and always gives the priority to Danish.Also tries to put Pawan back in the dig.He only falls behind girl’s charming.Absolutely disgusting !!!

  9. All are very talented in their own way! I am regularly watching from uk! Love them all, Pawan could win the show. Wish u all the best.

  10. All the contestents are fair in their INDIVIDUAL talents. Overall, Ms Shanmuka Priya and Danish both are getting extreame compliments. Sawai Bhatt can only sing in his unique style. Aruniya, Pawan, Syali and Anjali Kulkarni withstand the competition. Nihal is singing but could not withstand with the competition. In my opinion, at the earliest, Nihal could go as no other alternative along with Sawai.

  11. Elemintion :– सवाई भट्ट, दानिश,शनमुखा,
    Rest others contest further
    Serially good are
    1. पवनदीप
    2. अरूणिता
    3. सायली
    4. कुलकर्णी
    5. तारो


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