Indian Idol 12 5th and 6th June 2021 Elimination Updates: Udit Narayan | Zeenat Aman Special, Seventh Elimination!

indian idol 12 online voting seventh elimination 5th 6th june episode

Sony TV’s amazing musical reality show, Indian Idol 12 is back this weekend with some sensational performances from the Udit Narayan and Zeenat Aman special episodes. The special guests for Saturday’s episode are the famous singers, Udit Narayan and Abhijeet. Nine singers will perform some superhits from the archives of Udit Narayan. However, the elimination suspense grips the audience as the seventh elimination of Indian Idol 12 is expected this week.

The judges’ panel featuring Anu Malik, Himesh Reshmaiyaa, and Neha Kakkar will witness some of the memorable attempts of this season. The special guest on Sunday’s episode will be the legendary actor, Zeenat Aman. However, six talented Indian Idols from season 12 were eliminated so far. The suspense of the seventh elimination continues to trigger the fans of the show for the last six weeks. Hence, this week’s performances will be critical for the top 9 Idols.

Indian Idol 12 5th and 6th June Episode – Udit Narayan & Zeenat Aman Special and Best Performances

The episode on Saturday (5th of June 2021) for Indian Idol 12 will feature a special appearance by Udit Narayan and Abhijeet Bhattacharya. Special songs from the iconic singer’s performances take the limelight in this weekend’s episode. However, there were competitive duo performances in the episodes featured this weekend.

The amazing song ‘Main Yahaan Hoon Yahaan’ won the hearts of the audience from the 90s was performed by Pawandeep and Udit Narayan as Pawandeep is cementing his way into the Indian Idol 12 finals. However, the competition continues to build after the absence of elimination for seven weeks.

Idol Danish performed one of the best songs from Shravan Rathod in this week’s Indian Idol 12 episode continues to woo the special guests, judges, and audience. The potential finalist chalked out a very special performance with the special guest of the finest performances in the ten seasons of Indian Idol. However, will their performance be good enough to enter the top 5? Udit Narayan complimented Danish’s ‘Mitwa’ performance.

Idol Nihal and Pawandeep received massive appreciation for their incredible performances of Zeenat Aman’s songs this week. Popular actor Zeenat Aman gave a special appreciation for the performance. According to reports, this sensational performance could save Nihal as he battles elimination against Sawai this week.

Indian Idol 12 Seventh Elimination Updates

The currently active nine Idols will perform this week on the Indian Idol 12 stage. However, it will be the last performance for one of the singers. Six singers were eliminated so far from Indian Idol 12. The suspense behind the seventh elimination is lurking in the minds of the audience for the last six weeks.

The fight to enter the top 8 of Indian Idol 12 will reach an epic showdown this week. Nachiket Lele was the last contestant to be eliminated. Sahil Solanki, Vaishnav, Sireesha, Anushka Banerjee, and Samyak Prasanna were the other eliminations so far. According to reports, one male contestant will be eliminated this weekend.

Three contestants face elimination danger this week. However, the suspense around the eviction will continue until the announcement of Sunday’s episode. Anjali, Sayli, and Sawai Bhatt are in danger of elimination this week. Hence, there will be a confirmed eviction this week.

Indian Idol 12 is telecasted on Sony TV at 9:30 PM IST as Super Dancer Chapter 4 took its slot at 8:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination List

  • Sahil Solanki
  • Samyak Prasanna
  • Vaishnav Girish
  • Anushka Banerjee
  • Nachiket Lele

Indian Idol 12 Finalists

As the show nears the fag end of the closure, Indian Idol 12 finalists will be announced soon. According to the current performances and fan base, Pawandeep will be the first finalist of Indian Idol 12. Apart from Pawandeep, Ashish, Danish, and Shanmukha Priya will be the other finalists of this season. However, official confirmation is awaited regarding the same.

  • Pawandeep
  • Ashish Kulkarni
  • Danish
  • Shanmukha Priya


  1. Shanmukhpriya will win the Indian Idol trophy this academic year 2021. No doubt in that. And if at all P D wins the trophy , but their is no option for him because he have to share the trophy with SMP because S M P is more powerful and better singer then PD.

  2. If fans praise S M P then social media block that message. But if the same fans praise P D then the social media accept that message and it will keep in the comments list. What a Partiality by social media and what a discrimination by social media.

  3. Shanmugha Pria, the little Devil is most deserving to take away the award compared to other competitors as she has talent modulation of voice with energetic throw and capacity to balance peak and low voice throw. Earlier only Kishore Kumar sir, had that technic. If the award is given to any others most of the South Indian will quit watching Indian Idol and stop Sony TV

  4. Please eliminate Shanmukhpriya. She doesn’t sing any song properly. You cannot use the same abrupt note changing style everywhere. Besides Style , melody is the essence of Indian songs. Hence the show Indian idol. Pavnu, Arunita, Sayali and Nihaal are the true contestants who should be in the finals. You can ask anyone but neither Shanmukhpriya or Sawai should be continued.

  5. Among all the wonderful singers on this show, Shanmukh Priya is the only contestant with a rock star vibe, who stands out and is different from the rest and can achieve something internationally. It would be terrific to see her in a concert if she ever sings in the USA. The rest of them …. even though they are extremely talented don’t stand a chance to succeed outside India and of achieving international fame. They are all the same …. extremely melodious singers. This show is called Indian Idol. Someone like SMP who is different from the usual mainstream Indian singer stereotype will not win it. But SMP is definitely destined for much greater things and she will eventually achieve a lot more than the rest of them with her awesome talent.

  6. Nihal should be eliminated for he sings with a made up voice and even the great Kumar Sanu pointed that out. Arunita should become this year indian idol.


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