Indian Idol 12 24th and 25th April 2021 Elimination Updates: Jaya Prada Special, Seventh Elimination!


India’s blockbuster singing reality show, Indian Idol 12 returns this weekend with a blissful episode with special guest Jaya Prada. This will be followed by talented performances by the top 9 contestants. The veteran actor Jaya Prada will grace the performances during Saturday’s episode during the absence of judge Neha Kakkar.

An awestruck and admirable judges panel including Himesh Reshammiya, Jaya Prada, and Vishal Dadlani will witness yet another weekend filled with melodious performances. However, six blessed Indian Idols from season 12 were eliminated so far. The quest for the seventh elimination continues to intrigue the audience for the last couple of weeks. Hence, this week’s performances will be decisive for the top 9 Idols. There were several obstacles to the show but it continues to intrigue the audience.

Indian Idol 12 24th & 25th April Episode – Jaya Prada Special and Best Performances

The episode on Saturday (24th of April 2021) for Indian Idol 12 will feature a special appearance by Jaya Prada. The veteran living legend is here on the occasion of Neha Kakkar’s absence in this weekend’s episode. However, Idol Nihal got a special touch of head massage to remember for the rest of his life from Jaya Prada.

Idol Sayli’s impressive run in Indian Idol 12 continues to woo the special guests, judges, and audience. The divine voice gave a special touch to the song, ‘Parbat Ke Uss Paar’ which got Jaya Prada impressed. Sayli is also one of the top contenders to enter the finals of Indian Idol 12.

Idol Anjali and Arunita set the standards higher on the occasion of Jaya Prada’s special appearance. However, it was a tough call to decide whose performance stood out from the rest. The competition to the finals of Indian Idol 12 begins here and now.

Indian Idol 12 Seventh Elimination Updates

The contesting Idols will perform on the Indian Idol 12 stage as they give their best efforts to continue in the coveted singing reality show. Six eliminations took place so far and the quest for reaching the top 8 intensifies this weekend. However, the mysterious twists await ahead of the seventh elimination of Indian Idol 12 for the last two weeks.

Three weeks ago, Nachiket Lele was the last contestant to be eliminated. However, the suspense around the next elimination of Indian Idol 12 will be revealed this week on Sunday. According to reports, Sawai Bhatt quit the show citing his personal reasons and the deteriorating health condition of his mother. If this is accepted by the judges, the rest of the week will not feature an additional elimination.

Sahil Solanki, Vaishnav, Sireesha, Anushka Banerjee, and Samyak Prasanna were the other eliminations so far. According to reports, one male contestant will be eliminated this weekend.

Sawai Bhatt, and Anjali are in danger of elimination this week. However, will the Jaya Prada special give the contestants another breather?

Indian Idol 12 is telecasted on Sony TV at 9:30 PM IST as Indian Idol took its slot at 8:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination List

  • Sahil Solanki
  • Samyak Prasanna
  • Vaishnav Girish
  • Anushka Banerjee
  • Nachiket Lele

Indian Idol 12 Finalists

As the show nears the fag end of the closure, Indian Idol 12 finalists will be announced soon. According to the current performances and fan base, Pawandeep will be the first finalist of Indian Idol 12. Apart from Pawandeep, Ashish, Danish, and Shanmukha Priya will be the other finalists of this season. However, official confirmation is awaited regarding the same.

  • Pawandeep
  • Ashish Kulkarni
  • Aruniti
  • Shanmukha Priya


  1. I am a regular observer and lover too for indian idol children Viz; Arunitha , sayeli , Pavan deep Shanmughapriya , Mohmd. Danesh followed by Mr Kulkarni Anjali beti and swai Bhat. All the above children are very sweet clear Hearted Ofcourse I have forgotten Our Mr Taro
    God Bless Them
    Murlidhar Iyer


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