Indian Idol 12 15th and 16th May 2021 Elimination Updates:Golden Jubilee Special, Seventh Elimination!


Sony TV’s gripping singing reality show, Indian Idol 12 is back this weekend with some entertaining performances from the Golden Jubilee Special episode. The episodes mark the special celebration for completing 50 episodes of Indian Idol 12 and Sukhwinder Singh is the special guest for the week. Nine talented Idols of the show will perform special songs for Eid. However, elimination suspense looms large as the show approaches the seventh elimination in Indian Idol 12.

The judges’ panel will comprise of the blessed singer Anu Malik, Himesh Reshmaiyaa, and Neha Kakkar. The special guest Sukhwinder Singh is impressed by the blissful performances of the songs from this weekend’s episodes. However, six talented Indian Idols from season 12 were eliminated so far. The suspense of the seventh elimination continues to trigger the fans of the show for the last six weeks. Hence, this week’s performances will be crucial for the top 9 Idols.

Indian Idol 12 15th & 16th May Episode – Golden Jubilee Special and Best Performances

The episode on Saturday (15th of May 2021) for Indian Idol 12 will feature a special appearance by Sukhwinder Singh. Special songs for Eid take the limelight in this weekend’s episode. However, there were competitive performances in the episodes featured this weekend.

The amazing song from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ called ‘Jai Ho’ which won the Oscar was amazingly performed by Shanmuka Priya and Sukhwinder Singh as the singer is cementing her way into the Indian Idol 12 finals. However, the competition continues to build after the absence of elimination for six weeks.

Idol Danish’s amazing performance with Pawandeep and Sawai Bhatt in this week’s Indian Idol 12 episode continues to woo the special guests, judges, and audience. The crackling voice got a very special compliment from Anu Malik and was rated as one of the finest performances in the ten seasons of Indian Idol. However, Mohammed Danish was in the danger zone a couple of weeks ago.

Idol Nihal received massive appreciation for his performance of ‘Subhaan Allah’ from Kurbaan this week. Popular singer Sukhwinder Singh gave a special appreciation for the performance. According to reports, this sensational performance could save Nihal as he battles elimination against Arunita this week.

Indian Idol 12 Seventh Elimination Updates

The currently active nine Idols will perform this week on the Indian Idol 12 stage. However, it will be the last performance for one of the singers. Six singers were eliminated so far from Indian Idol 12. The suspense behind the seventh elimination is lurking in the minds of the audience for the last six weeks.

The fight to enter the top 8 of Indian Idol 12 will reach an epic showdown this week. Nachiket Lele was the last contestant to be eliminated. Sahil Solanki, Vaishnav, Sireesha, Anushka Banerjee, and Samyak Prasanna were the other eliminations so far. According to reports, one male contestant will be eliminated this weekend.

Three contestants face elimination danger this week. However, the suspense around the eviction will continue until the announcement on Sunday’s episode. Anjali, Sayli and Sawai Bhatt are in danger of elimination this week. Hence, there will be a confirmed eviction this week.

Indian Idol 12 is telecasted on Sony TV at 9:30 PM IST as Super Dancer Chapter 4 took its slot at 8:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination List

  • Sahil Solanki
  • Samyak Prasanna
  • Vaishnav Girish
  • Anushka Banerjee
  • Nachiket Lele

Indian Idol 12 Finalists

As the show nears the fag end of the closure, Indian Idol 12 finalists will be announced soon. According to the current performances and fan base, Pawandeep will be the first finalist of Indian Idol 12. Apart from Pawandeep, Ashish, Danish, and Shanmukha Priya will be the other finalists of this season. However, official confirmation is awaited regarding the same.

  • Pawandeep
  • Ashish Kulkarni
  • Danish
  • Shanmukha Priya


  1. I do not understand why Anjali a classical singer is deliberately kept aside. She did not perform yesterday the id special episode.
    I have noted that other contestants were given too much of importance by judges as they can not reach Anjali’s level.
    Judges are partial.
    Sadhana Sargam, Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy and like more others can be the best judges.
    If channel needs quality and standard it should not interfere with the decision of judges.

    • That’s so true. The best dignitaries should be called if they need a deserving contestant to win . I do agree that all the contestants are doing great. But we need quality judges to select the winner.

    • These esteemed singers will never be the judges on this show. The show wants high TRP & for that such dramas are needed!

  2. Shanmukh Priya should win. she is so talented and smart.her style no body has. all kids are good the best is Shanmukh Priya. she has her own way to sing natural. please vote and make the winner.

  3. One of the worst singing reality show,useless judges singers like sawai bhatt,shanmukh priya should have been eliminated long back.we want versatile singers not some one who screams.shame

  4. I am not understanding why indian idol brought back Anu malik . Some singer’s are shouting like any thing and we couldn’t hear the song .
    And which singer is giving good performance no mausum badaldiya .
    I know shanmukapriya will be the winner for indian idol 12
    No use to watch indian idol 12

  5. I do not understand what reason is that Danish is being preferred over others. He is no match with anyone and should have long been eliminated. He is an average singer who loses on ‘swar’ so many times. Seems to be favored by Neha Kakkar who herself is an average singer. Real injustice to all other contestants.

    • True. Danish, Sawai do not sing they shout and with reference to shanmukha Priya she has not sung any song without yodelling – now it’s an overdose. All these three deserve to be eliminated

  6. Judges only likes the contestants who sang the song in loud way and goes out of track like:- Md Dannis and Sanmukh Priya. And other contestants sings the song in lovely manner.

  7. I concur with Sangeeta Thakur,
    Anjali Gaikwad is a talented great singer, who is not given due opportunity to showcase her talent. Judges are partial in their judgement. Ultimately it’s the talented person who will climb the ladder on their carrier and not your Indian Idol title.

  8. Whenever ANU MALIK is the judge, justice is never done. The way indian idol is moving it clearly shows VOTES DO NOT MATTER…it is ANU MALIK and MAKERS decision. Even from outside he interfered lagta hai. Otherwise,instead of NEELANJANA how could Salman Ali win.

  9. Where is Arunita?? She deserves to be in the top finalist. And in 50th episodes ,why Anjali and sanmukhpriya sang repeated songs. What do you think? Audience won’t remember?? Making us fools

  10. Indan Idol is no more a music contest. It’s a Soup Opera, courtesy the self styled best singer of India, Neha Kakker, singer without talent Himesh, the spoiler of the show and the twice driven out of the show Hanu Mallik The Program should immediately be called off. If it’s started again, the channel must use the services of talented and impartial judges.

  11. Show is turning to rubbish with no real format or method. No elimination for like 2 months while these kids are forced to memorize and perform at very high levels every week. Like child labor now.
    Sexual abuser annu Malik is back instead of being in jail. Wow. And he’s a horrible judge.
    Neha is a good person but completely talentless imo. Vishal is ok but gone now. HR just is biased to 1 or 2 guys.
    They have a real talent here with 1 contestant, Arunita, who is unreal. She should win imo but likely will be given to pawandeep because this show doesn’t value talent. Hes good but not at Arunitas level.
    And it shows given how rubbish shouting singers who can’t hold a tune like Shanmukha are praised as great. Wtf. She is absolutely the worst and doesn’t belong there. Esp over sirisha who was amazing.
    Danish is praised despite being just avg.

    Arunita v Pawandeep should be finale soon hopefully and Arunita should win for the show to have some self respect in judging talent.
    If not, I’m done with indian idol.

  12. There appears to be partiality. The voting system is not correct. Not happy with the way the Indian Idol is being conducted. We could have better judges like the one was of likes of Anil Biswas and team.

  13. Since Annu Malik (Malik means …) Entered, the program is ruined and lost its charm and has become controversial. The Jude’s are going overboard.

  14. Sayli should be the winner AsShe is versatile Can sing all types of songs and very crisp naughty voice like Aasha Bhonsle

  15. Anjali gaikwar and sanmukhpriya must deserve this title.. But like folk song specialist sawai bhatt is too good, but extraordinary is pawandeep..actually sir song selection is these rounds like rock songs will give more votes.. That’s why sanmukhpriya will be next winner or cowineer with pawandeep.. Arunita too good but how rock song she will present in next round, will be seen..

  16. This is my first time watching Indian Idol. It was really amazing to see 18 years old girl Shanmukha Priya performance in each episode. The world is demanding and we need artists with multi skills. Now Bollywood movies songs being heard in most of the countries and we need someone who could impress people all over the world with their voice and multi skills. Singers are like solders and then go and perform to impress everyone. I really love songs from Pawandeep and Shanmukha Priya. They both are really good and like to see both in finals.

  17. Pawandeep and Arunita are the only tough competitors… I just hate the way shanmukhPriya sings… That kind of singing is not liked by the audience.. Go Arunita

  18. It’s boring to hear Shanmukha Priya’s yodelling she is not versatile Shirisha was better then her definitely versatile Arunita and Anjali are best definitely and deserve to win Shanmukha no never creates noise pollution only

  19. So far, I have heard and seen many episodes, I believed that most of the contestants are very talented. But among them, My First preference goes to Arunita as for her singing technique, her ability to control singing tunes (scales) with perfection besides her classic & melodious, sweet voice. Hope she deserves the best slot and to Pawandeep as well for his multi-talented, multi-faceted abilities and extra-ordinary presentations. Hope to see more of their performances in future also.


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