Indian Idol 11 Vote – Vote for your favourite contestant 12th January 2020

indian idol 11 voting

The Indian Idol 11 on 12th January 2020 will be filled with evergreen classic hit songs. Today there will be Alka Udit special in Indian Idol 11. The Top 6 contestants will be singing songs in front of them to show what they’re capable of and whether they deserve to be in Top 5. Indian Idol 11 is starting to move to next level from audition and the top 5 contestants have been selected and each contestant is outperforming the other and trying to win judges as well as audience vote. Now is the time to vote and support your favourite singer via Sony Liv app and online so that they make it to the Top 8. There are totally 9 contestants available for voting tonight Sunday 12th January 2020 and here are the list of Indian Idol 11 contestants for Voting

  • Rohit Raut
  • Ankona
  • Shahzan Mujeeb
  • Ridham Kalyan
  • Adriz Ghosh
  • Sunny
  • Rishabh Chaturvedi
  • Stutee

Voting lines are opened till 12am tonight. Watch today’s performance of all these eight contestants and vote for your favourite singer

Indian Idol 11 How to Vote

  • You can vote by downloading “Sony Liv” app in Google Play Store and iOS App store. Enter your phone number and click on Indian Idol 11 Voting link and vote for your favourite contestant. There are 50 votes left.
  • You can also vote via and choosing Indian Idol from there.

You can also vote in TheNewsCrunch poll as this is an unofficial voting poll online but gives you instant results of who is your favourite contestant

Vote for your favourite Indian Idol 11 contestant?

Rohit Raut
Shahzan Mujeeb
Ridham Kalyan
Adriz Ghosh
Rishabh Chaturvedi


  1. conscientious songs of amazing singer god gifted Sunny Hindustani gives goose bumps and tears in eyes. Songs have divinity with amazing surs, fee, range, lay, taal giving excitement to listen repeatedly. This marvelous singer deserves to be winner of indian idol 11. Sunny has sung different kinds of songs and can sing any song perfectly. He is playback singer for TH BODY AND PANGA MOVIE. He has singed for 3+ more songs with Himesh Rishmmiya and Amit sumit leena ji (KBM company).


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