Imman Annachi to enter Bigg Boss 5 Tamil as a contestant

Immaan Annachi Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

All the 4 seasons of the Bigg Boss Tamil show aired on private television were well received by the fans. Actor Kamal Haasan hosted all 4 seasons of Bigg Boss. Many social media were speculating that what happened then and now will happen to fans who were expecting the Bigg Boss show to happen due to the Corona epidemic.

Meanwhile, the promo of Bigg Boss Season 5 was released recently. Kamal Haasan, who is in a coat suit in this promo, rolled his eyes and introduced the Bigg Boss Season 5 logo to see if he could start with a villainous laugh.

In this case, the news about the contestants who will participate in this season is often published on social media sites. It features Kani, Sunitha, Baba Bhaskar, Sarpattai Parambarai celebrity John Vijay, actresses Ramya Krishnan, Myna Nandini, newsreader Kanmani, MS Bhaskar, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, GP Muthu, and Shakeela’s daughter Mila.

Meanwhile, as per the latest information, it has been reported that actor Iman Annachi, who is currently hosting the Kutty Cuties show, will be appearing in the 5th season of Big Boss. He has acted in many films.



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